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Bug 679575 - Aegis should be enabled for Maemo6 define; r=dougt

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIMIMEInfo.idl"
#include "nsIURI.idl"
#include "nsIFile.idl"

#define NS_MIMESERVICE_CID                           \
{ /* 03af31da-3109-11d3-8cd0-0060b0fc14a3 */         \
    0x03af31da,                                      \
    0x3109,                                          \
    0x11d3,                                          \
    {0x8c, 0xd0, 0x00, 0x60, 0xb0, 0xfc, 0x14, 0xa3} \

 * The MIME service is responsible for mapping file extensions to MIME-types
 * (see RFC 2045). It also provides access to nsIMIMEInfo interfaces and
 * acts as a general convenience wrapper of nsIMIMEInfo interfaces.
 * The MIME service maintains a database with a <b>one</b> MIME type <b>to many</b>
 * file extensions rule. Adding the same file extension to multiple MIME types
 * is illegal and behavior is undefined.
 * @see nsIMIMEInfo
[scriptable, uuid(5b3675a1-02db-4f8f-a560-b34736635f47)]
interface nsIMIMEService : nsISupports {
     * Retrieves an nsIMIMEInfo using both the extension
     * and the type of a file. The type is given preference
     * during the lookup. One of aMIMEType and aFileExt
     * can be an empty string. At least one of aMIMEType and aFileExt
     * must be nonempty.
    nsIMIMEInfo getFromTypeAndExtension(in ACString aMIMEType, in AUTF8String aFileExt);

     * Retrieves a ACString representation of the MIME type
     * associated with this file extension.
     * @param  A file extension (excluding the dot ('.')).
     * @return The MIME type, if any.
    ACString getTypeFromExtension(in AUTF8String aFileExt);

     * Retrieves a ACString representation of the MIME type
     * associated with this URI. The association is purely
     * file extension to MIME type based. No attempt to determine
     * the type via server headers or byte scanning is made.
     * @param  The URI the user wants MIME info on.
     * @return The MIME type, if any.
    ACString getTypeFromURI(in nsIURI aURI);
    ACString getTypeFromFile(in nsIFile aFile);

     * Given a Type/Extension combination, returns the default extension
     * for this type. This may be identical to the passed-in extension.
     * @param aMIMEType The Type to get information on. Must not be empty.
     * @param aFileExt  File Extension. Can be empty.
    AUTF8String getPrimaryExtension(in ACString aMIMEType, in AUTF8String aFileExt);