author Justin Wood <Callek@gmail.com>
Fri, 16 Mar 2018 16:32:43 -0400
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Bug 1446479 - Windows tasks shouldn't try to use the relengapi-proxy. r=tomprince So, it seems we've (since I landed windows l10n in taskcluster) been using http://relengapi/tooltool/ as the tooltool url, this has only been working because if we have the relevent file in local cache we don't query against tooltool. With TC's windows spinup process it fetches a set of tooltool files to cache locally, and this has been saving us, meaning we're very lucky. However maple (beta-based) and central have just diverged in manifests, because central now uses a newer VS version than what we have on maple. This patch will fix that to use the new tooltool location that we currently use for Windows builds, and aligns the repackage jobs to use the newer url too.

import os

platform = "win64"

download_config = {
        "target.zip": os.environ.get("SIGNED_ZIP"),
        "setup.exe": os.environ.get("SIGNED_SETUP"),
        "mar.exe": os.environ.get("UNSIGNED_MAR"),

repackage_config = [[
        "--package-name", "firefox",
        "--package", "{abs_work_dir}\\inputs\\target.zip",
        "--tag", "{abs_mozilla_dir}\\browser\\installer\\windows\\app.tag",
        "--setupexe", "{abs_work_dir}\\inputs\\setup.exe",
        "-o", "{output_home}\\target.installer.exe",
        "--sfx-stub", "other-licenses/7zstub/firefox/7zSD.sfx",
    ], [
        "-i", "{abs_work_dir}\\inputs\\target.zip",
        "--mar", "{abs_work_dir}\\inputs\\mar.exe",
        "-o", "{output_home}\\target.complete.mar",

config = {
    "input_home": "{abs_work_dir}\\inputs",
    "output_home": "{base_work_dir}\\public\\build{locale}",

    "locale": os.environ.get("LOCALE"),

    "download_config": download_config,

    "repackage_config": repackage_config,

    # ToolTool
    "tooltool_manifest_src": 'browser\\config\\tooltool-manifests\\{}\\releng.manifest'.format(platform),
    'tooltool_url': 'https://tooltool.mozilla-releng.net/',
    'tooltool_cache': os.environ.get('TOOLTOOL_CACHE'),

    'run_configure': False,