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Add CSS 2.1 test suite metadata for z-index reftests.

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#include "nsDebug.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsCUPSShim.h"
#include "prlink.h"

// List of symbols to find in libcups. Must match symAddr[] defined in Init().
// Making this an array of arrays instead of pointers allows storing the
// whole thing in read-only memory.
static const char gSymName[][sizeof("cupsPrintFile")] = {
    { "cupsAddOption" },
    { "cupsFreeDests" },
    { "cupsGetDest" },
    { "cupsGetDests" },
    { "cupsPrintFile" },
    { "cupsTempFd" },
static const int gSymNameCt = sizeof(gSymName) / sizeof(gSymName[0]);

    mCupsLib = PR_LoadLibrary("");
    if (!mCupsLib)
        return PR_FALSE;

    // List of symbol pointers. Must match gSymName[] defined above.
    void **symAddr[] = {
        (void **)&mCupsAddOption,
        (void **)&mCupsFreeDests,
        (void **)&mCupsGetDest,
        (void **)&mCupsGetDests,
        (void **)&mCupsPrintFile,
        (void **)&mCupsTempFd,

    for (int i = gSymNameCt; i--; ) {
        *(symAddr[i]) = PR_FindSymbol(mCupsLib, gSymName[i]);
        if (! *(symAddr[i])) {
#ifdef DEBUG
            nsCAutoString msg(gSymName[i]);
            msg.Append(" not found in CUPS library");
            mCupsLib = nsnull;
            return PR_FALSE;
    return PR_TRUE;

    if (mCupsLib)