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Bug 698519 - Update libjpeg-turbo to version 1.2.0. r=jlebar

#!/usr/bin/env python

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# run Microsoft's Binscope tool (
# against a fresh Windows build. output a 'binscope.log' file with full details
# of the run and appropriate strings to integrate with the buildbots

# from the docs : "The error code returned when running under the command line is equal 
# to the number of failures the tool reported plus the number of errors. BinScope will return 
# 0 only if there are no errors or failures."

# the symbol dir should point to the symbol dir hierarchy created
# via running make buildsymbols in a windows build's objdir

import sys
import subprocess
import os

BINSCOPE_OUTPUT_LOGFILE = r".\binscope_xml_output.log"

# usage
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
  print """usage : path_to_binary path_to_symbols [log_file_path]"
		log_file_path is optional, log will be written to .\binscope_xml_output.log by default"""

binary_path = sys.argv[1]
symbol_path = sys.argv[2]

if len(sys.argv) == 4:
  log_file_path = sys.argv[3]
# execute binscope against the binary, using the BINSCOPE environment
# variable as the path to binscope.exe
  binscope_path = os.environ['BINSCOPE']
except KeyError:
  print "BINSCOPE environment variable is not set, can't check DEP/ASLR etc. status."
  proc = subprocess.Popen([binscope_path, "/target", binary_path,
    "/output", log_file_path, "/sympath", symbol_path,
    "/c", "ATLVersionCheck", "/c", "ATLVulnCheck", "/c", "FunctionPointersCheck",
    "/c", "SharedSectionCheck", "/c", "APTCACheck", "/c", "NXCheck",
    "/c", "GSCheck", "/c", "GSFunctionSafeBuffersCheck", "/c", "GSFriendlyInitCheck",
    "/c", "CompilerVersionCheck", "/c", "SafeSEHCheck", "/c", "SNCheck",
    "/c", "DBCheck"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

except WindowsError, (errno, strerror): 
  if errno != 2 and errno != 3:
    print "Unexpected error ! \nError " + str(errno) + " : " + strerror + "\nExiting !\n"
    print "Could not locate binscope at location : %s\n" % binscope_path
    print "Binscope wasn't installed or the BINSCOPE env variable wasn't set correctly, skipping this check and exiting..."


output = proc.communicate()[0]

# is this a PASS or a FAIL ? 
if proc.returncode != 0:
  print "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | %s is missing a needed Windows protection, such as /GS or ASLR" % binary_path
  print "TEST-PASS | | %s succeeded" % binary_path