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Bug 1518639: Break out the remote server pieces from nsRemoteService and deCOMtaminate. r=jimm This code is only ever used from c++ so does not need to be an XPCOM component. Broken out a single nsRemoteService that is responsible for choosing the server implementation to use. Differential Revision:

# fs2

Extended utilities for working with files and filesystems in Rust. `fs2`
requires Rust stable 1.8 or greater.

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## Features

- [x] file descriptor duplication.
- [x] file locks.
- [x] file (pre)allocation.
- [x] file allocation information.
- [x] filesystem space usage information.

## Platforms

`fs2` should work on any platform supported by

`fs2` is continuously tested on:
  * `x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu` (Linux)
  * `i686-unknown-linux-gnu`
  * `x86_64-apple-darwin` (OSX)
  * `i686-apple-darwin`
  * `x86_64-pc-windows-msvc` (Windows)
  * `i686-pc-windows-msvc`
  * `x86_64-pc-windows-gnu`
  * `i686-pc-windows-gnu`

## Benchmarks

Simple benchmarks are provided for the methods provided. Many of these
benchmarks use files in a temporary directory. On many modern Linux distros the
default temporary directory, `/tmp`, is mounted on a tempfs filesystem, which
will have different performance characteristics than a disk-backed filesystem.
The temporary directory is configurable at runtime through the environment (see

## License

`fs2` is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the
Apache License (Version 2.0).


Copyright (c) 2015 Dan Burkert.