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Bug 1518639: Break out the remote server pieces from nsRemoteService and deCOMtaminate. r=jimm This code is only ever used from c++ so does not need to be an XPCOM component. Broken out a single nsRemoteService that is responsible for choosing the server implementation to use. Differential Revision:

# When uploading crates to the registry Cargo will automatically
# "normalize" Cargo.toml files for maximal compatibility
# with all versions of Cargo and also rewrite `path` dependencies
# to registry (e.g. dependencies
# If you believe there's an error in this file please file an
# issue against the rust-lang/cargo repository. If you're
# editing this file be aware that the upstream Cargo.toml
# will likely look very different (and much more reasonable)

edition = "2018"
name = "cranelift-entity"
version = "0.28.0"
authors = ["The Cranelift Project Developers"]
description = "Data structures using entity references as mapping keys"
documentation = ""
readme = ""
keywords = ["entity", "set", "map"]
categories = ["no-std"]
license = "Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception"
repository = ""

core = []
default = ["std"]
std = []
status = "experimental"

repository = "CraneStation/cranelift"