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Bug 1377007 - Implementing basic binjs-ref parser in SpiderMonkey;r=arai,jorendorff This patch implements a Binary AST parser matching the latest binjs-ref parser at this date. The subset of JS recognized matches ES5, with an AST based on a slightly customized Babylon AST. At this stage, the parser trusts its input, insofar as it does not check directives or bindings. Followup patch will introduce checking of these directives/bindings. MozReview-Commit-ID: 1nt230rt02R

TPS is a test automation framework for Firefox Sync. See
https://developer.mozilla.org/en/TPS for documentation.


TPS requires several packages to operate properly. To install TPS and
required packages, use the INSTALL.sh script, provided:

  ./INSTALL.sh /path/to/create/virtualenv

This script will create a virtalenv and install TPS into it. TPS can then
be run by activating the virtualenv and executing:

  runtps --binary=/path/to/firefox

To edit the TPS configuration, do not edit config/config.json.in in the tree.
Instead, edit config.json inside your virtualenv; it will be located at
something like:

  (linux): /path/to/virtualenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/tps-0.2.40-py2.6.egg/tps/config.json
  (win): /path/to/virtualenv/Lib/site-packages/tps-0.2.40-py2.6.egg/tps/config.json

Setting Up Test Accounts

Firefox Accounts
To create a test account for using the Firefox Account authentication perform the
following steps:

1. Go to a URL like http://restmail.net/mail/%account_prefix%@restmail.net
2. Go to https://accounts.firefox.com/signup?service=sync&context=fx_desktop_v1
3. Sign in with the previous chosen email address and a password
4. Go back to the Restmail URL, reload the page
5. Search for the verification link and open that page

Now you will be able to use your setup Firefox Account for Sync.