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Sat, 16 Mar 2019 02:36:09 +0000
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Bug 1072758 - ScheduleReflowSVGNonDisplayText when changing style to display none r=emilio DidSetComputedStyle won't be called if the style changes to "display:none". To ensure the reflow is properly scheduled, we need to also hook DestroyFrom. Differential Revision:

#x9 {

<body onload="go()">
<path id="a"></path>

<mask id="m">
  <text id="y">
    <tspan id="x1"></tspan>
    <textPath id="x2"></textPath>
    <a id="x3">Hello</a>
    <tspan><tspan id="x4"></tspan></tspan>
    <tspan id="x5"></tspan>

<rect width="600" height="400" mask="url(#m)"/>


function go() { = "none"; = "none"; = "none"; = "none"; = "x9";