author Ralph Giles <>
Thu, 30 Jan 2014 17:08:06 -0800
changeset 166148 26c71f15fe3cb04eb2c50771702bd5d1da1114af
permissions -rw-r--r--
Bug 966078 - Apply libmkv patches from r=doublec DONTBUILD The update script landed without code to apply the patch files we're carrying against upstream. It's better to do that automatically so there's less to remember when doing an update. Also add a patch apparently missing from the existing set to remove a spurious declaration for 'writeSimpleBock'.

diff --git a/third_party/libmkv/WebMElement.h b/third_party/libmkv/WebMElement.h
index d9ad0a0..717e739 100644
--- a/third_party/libmkv/WebMElement.h
+++ b/third_party/libmkv/WebMElement.h
@@ -10,11 +10,6 @@
 #define MKV_CONTEXT_HPP 1
-void writeSimpleBock(EbmlGlobal *ebml, unsigned char trackNumber, unsigned short timeCode,
-                     int isKeyframe, unsigned char lacingFlag, int  discardable,
-                     unsigned char *data, unsigned long dataLength);
 // these are helper functions
 void writeHeader(EbmlGlobal *ebml);
 void writeSegmentInformation(EbmlGlobal *ebml, EbmlLoc *startInfo, unsigned long timeCodeScale, double duration);