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Bug 388944 - can't produce tamarin repo URL from a ssh:// hg repo URL

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#include "nsIChromeRegistry.idl"

interface nsIURI;
interface nsIUTF8StringEnumerator;

[scriptable, uuid(94490b3f-f094-418e-b1b9-73878d29bff3)]
interface nsIToolkitChromeRegistry : nsIXULChromeRegistry
   * The "canonical" manifest is a plaintext file which sits outside of a
   * JAR file. To provide backwards-compatibility with contents.rdf, we provide
   * this function which reads a contents.rdf manifest and writes it to a file.
   * @param aOldManifestURI  The URI of an old manifest to read, without
   *                         the trailing "contents.rdf", e.g.
   *                         "jar:resource:///chrome/foo.jar!/content/foo/" or
   *                         "file://path/to/contents/rdf/"
   * @param aFile            The URI of a manifest file to write. It's a good
   *                         idea to use a resource: URI if possible.
   * @param aBaseURI         The base URI for relative path creation
   *                         "jar:resource:///chrome/foo.jar!/content/foo/"
   *                         this is a separate param from aOldManifestURI so
   *                         the "contents.rdf" can be read outside of the jar
   *                         to keep the zipreader cache from holding it open.
   * @param aAppend          Whether we should append to an existing manifest
   *                         or truncate and start empty.
   * @param aSkinOnly        Only allow skin packages.
  void processContentsManifest(in nsIURI aOldManifestURI, in nsIURI aFile,
                               in nsIURI aBaseURI, in boolean aAppend,
                               in boolean aSkinOnly);

   * If the OS has a "high-visibility" or "disabled-friendly" theme set,
   * we want to force mozilla into the classic theme, which (for the most part
   * obeys the system color/font settings. We cannot do this at initialization,
   * because it depends on the toolkit (GTK2) being initialized, which is
   * not the case in some embedding situations. Embedders have to manually
   * call this method during the startup process.
  void checkForOSAccessibility();

   * Get a list of locales available for the specified package.
  nsIUTF8StringEnumerator getLocalesForPackage(in AUTF8String aPackage);

 * The chrome registry will ask the directory service for this file list and
 * process each file as a manifest. Skin manifests may contain only skin
 * and style overlays.
%{ C++