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Bug 471558 - generalNotCached, generalDiskCache and generalMemoryCache are unused. r=gavin

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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** Info - %S
pageInfo.frame.title=Frame Info - %S

noPageTitle=Untitled Page:
notset=Not specified

mediaFileSize=%S KB
mediaSize=%Spx \u00D7 %Spx
mediaSelectFolder=Select a Folder to Save the Images
mediaBlockImage=Block Images from %S
mediaUnknownNotCached=Unknown (not cached)
mediaImageType=%S Image
mediaAnimatedImageType=%S Image (animated, %S frames)
mediaDimensions=%Spx \u00D7 %Spx
mediaDimensionsScaled=%Spx \u00D7 %Spx (scaled to %Spx \u00D7 %Spx)

generalQuirksMode=Quirks mode
generalStrictMode=Standards compliance mode
generalSize=%S KB (%S bytes)
generalMetaTag=Meta (1 tag)
generalMetaTags=Meta (%S tags)
generalSiteIdentity=This web site is owned by %S\nThis has been verified by %S


securityCertText=This web site provides a certificate to verify its identity.
securityNoIdentity=This web site does not supply identity information.
securityOneVisit=Yes, once
securityNVisits=Yes, %S times