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Bug 1519397 - Factor GC locking RAII classes out of vm/Runtime.h r=pbone

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#include "js/Equality.h"  // JS::SameValue
#include "jsapi-tests/tests.h"

BEGIN_TEST(testSameValue) {
   * NB: passing a double that fits in an integer jsval is API misuse.  As a
   * matter of defense in depth, however, JS::SameValue should return the
   * correct result comparing a positive-zero double to a negative-zero
   * double, and this is believed to be the only way to make such a
   * comparison possible.
  JS::RootedValue v1(cx, JS::DoubleValue(0.0));
  JS::RootedValue v2(cx, JS::DoubleValue(-0.0));
  bool same;
  CHECK(JS::SameValue(cx, v1, v2, &same));
  return true;