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Bug 704839 - [7/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert This patch fixes framebuffer attachment deletion.

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 * A class representing three matrices that can be used for style transforms.

#ifndef nsStyleTransformMatrix_h_
#define nsStyleTransformMatrix_h_

#include "nsCSSValue.h"
#include "gfxMatrix.h"
#include "gfx3DMatrix.h"
#include "nsRect.h"

struct nsCSSValueList;
class nsStyleContext;
class nsPresContext;

 * A helper to generate gfxMatrixes from css transform functions.
namespace nsStyleTransformMatrix {
   * Return the transform function, as an nsCSSKeyword, for the given
   * nsCSSValue::Array from a transform list.
  nsCSSKeyword TransformFunctionOf(const nsCSSValue::Array* aData);

   * Given an nsCSSValueList containing -moz-transform functions,
   * returns a matrix containing the value of those functions.
   * @param aData The nsCSSValueList containing the transform functions
   * @param aContext The style context, used for unit conversion.
   * @param aPresContext The presentation context, used for unit conversion.
   * @param aCanStoreInRuleTree Set to false if the result cannot be cached
   *                            in the rule tree, otherwise untouched.
   * @param aBounds The frame's bounding rectangle.
   * @param aAppUnitsPerMatrixUnit The number of app units per device pixel.
   * aContext and aPresContext may be null if all of the (non-percent)
   * length values in aData are already known to have been converted to
   * eCSSUnit_Pixel (as they are in an nsStyleAnimation::Value)
  gfx3DMatrix ReadTransforms(const nsCSSValueList* aList,
                             nsStyleContext* aContext,
                             nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                             bool &aCanStoreInRuleTree,
                             nsRect& aBounds,
                             float aAppUnitsPerMatrixUnit);

} // namespace nsStyleTransformMatrix