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Bug 704839 - [7/9] - Refactor mutual ownership of WebGL objects - r=jgilbert This patch fixes framebuffer attachment deletion.

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/* representation of a CSS style sheet */

#ifndef nsCSSStyleSheet_h_
#define nsCSSStyleSheet_h_

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsIStyleSheet.h"
#include "nsIDOMCSSStyleSheet.h"
#include "nsICSSLoaderObserver.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsString.h"

class nsXMLNameSpaceMap;
class nsCSSRuleProcessor;
class nsMediaList;
class nsIPrincipal;
class nsIURI;
class nsMediaList;
class nsMediaQueryResultCacheKey;
class nsCSSStyleSheet;
class nsPresContext;
template<class E, class A> class nsTArray;

namespace mozilla {
namespace css {
class Rule;
class GroupRule;
class ImportRule;

// -------------------------------
// CSS Style Sheet Inner Data Container

class nsCSSStyleSheetInner {
  friend class nsCSSStyleSheet;
  friend class nsCSSRuleProcessor;
  friend nsresult NS_NewCSSStyleSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet** aInstancePtrResult);
  nsCSSStyleSheetInner(nsCSSStyleSheet* aPrimarySheet);
  nsCSSStyleSheetInner(nsCSSStyleSheetInner& aCopy,
                       nsCSSStyleSheet* aPrimarySheet);

  nsCSSStyleSheetInner* CloneFor(nsCSSStyleSheet* aPrimarySheet);
  void AddSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet* aSheet);
  void RemoveSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet* aSheet);

  void RebuildNameSpaces();

  // Create a new namespace map
  nsresult CreateNamespaceMap();

  nsAutoTArray<nsCSSStyleSheet*, 8> mSheets;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>       mSheetURI; // for error reports, etc.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>       mOriginalSheetURI;  // for GetHref.  Can be null.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>       mBaseURI; // for resolving relative URIs
  nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mPrincipal;
  nsCOMArray<mozilla::css::Rule> mOrderedRules;
  nsAutoPtr<nsXMLNameSpaceMap> mNameSpaceMap;
  // Linked list of child sheets.  This is al fundamentally broken, because
  // each of the child sheets has a unique parent... We can only hope (and
  // currently this is the case) that any time page JS can get ts hands on a
  // child sheet that means we've already ensured unique inners throughout its
  // parent chain and things are good.
  nsRefPtr<nsCSSStyleSheet> mFirstChild;
  bool                   mComplete;

#ifdef DEBUG
  bool                   mPrincipalSet;

// -------------------------------
// CSS Style Sheet

class CSSRuleListImpl;
struct ChildSheetListBuilder;

// CID for the nsCSSStyleSheet class
// ca926f30-2a7e-477e-8467-803fb32af20a
{ 0xca926f30, 0x2a7e, 0x477e, \
 { 0x84, 0x67, 0x80, 0x3f, 0xb3, 0x2a, 0xf2, 0x0a } }

class nsCSSStyleSheet : public nsIStyleSheet,
                        public nsIDOMCSSStyleSheet,
                        public nsICSSLoaderObserver



  // nsIStyleSheet interface
  virtual nsIURI* GetSheetURI() const;
  virtual nsIURI* GetBaseURI() const;
  virtual void GetTitle(nsString& aTitle) const;
  virtual void GetType(nsString& aType) const;
  virtual bool HasRules() const;
  virtual bool IsApplicable() const;
  virtual void SetEnabled(bool aEnabled);
  virtual bool IsComplete() const;
  virtual void SetComplete();
  virtual nsIStyleSheet* GetParentSheet() const;  // may be null
  virtual nsIDocument* GetOwningDocument() const;  // may be null
  virtual void SetOwningDocument(nsIDocument* aDocument);

  // Find the ID of the owner inner window.
  PRUint64 FindOwningWindowInnerID() const;
#ifdef DEBUG
  virtual void List(FILE* out = stdout, PRInt32 aIndent = 0) const;

  void AppendStyleSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet* aSheet);
  void InsertStyleSheetAt(nsCSSStyleSheet* aSheet, PRInt32 aIndex);

  // XXX do these belong here or are they generic?
  void PrependStyleRule(mozilla::css::Rule* aRule);
  void AppendStyleRule(mozilla::css::Rule* aRule);
  void ReplaceStyleRule(mozilla::css::Rule* aOld, mozilla::css::Rule* aNew);

  PRInt32 StyleRuleCount() const;
  nsresult GetStyleRuleAt(PRInt32 aIndex, mozilla::css::Rule*& aRule) const;

  nsresult DeleteRuleFromGroup(mozilla::css::GroupRule* aGroup, PRUint32 aIndex);
  nsresult InsertRuleIntoGroup(const nsAString& aRule, mozilla::css::GroupRule* aGroup, PRUint32 aIndex, PRUint32* _retval);
  nsresult ReplaceRuleInGroup(mozilla::css::GroupRule* aGroup, mozilla::css::Rule* aOld, mozilla::css::Rule* aNew);

  PRInt32 StyleSheetCount() const;

   * SetURIs must be called on all sheets before parsing into them.
   * SetURIs may only be called while the sheet is 1) incomplete and 2)
   * has no rules in it
  void SetURIs(nsIURI* aSheetURI, nsIURI* aOriginalSheetURI, nsIURI* aBaseURI);

   * SetPrincipal should be called on all sheets before parsing into them.
   * This can only be called once with a non-null principal.  Calling this with
   * a null pointer is allowed and is treated as a no-op.
  void SetPrincipal(nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal);

  // Principal() never returns a null pointer.
  nsIPrincipal* Principal() const { return mInner->mPrincipal; }

  void SetTitle(const nsAString& aTitle) { mTitle = aTitle; }
  void SetMedia(nsMediaList* aMedia);
  void SetOwningNode(nsIDOMNode* aOwningNode) { mOwningNode = aOwningNode; /* Not ref counted */ }

  void SetOwnerRule(mozilla::css::ImportRule* aOwnerRule) { mOwnerRule = aOwnerRule; /* Not ref counted */ }
  mozilla::css::ImportRule* GetOwnerRule() const { return mOwnerRule; }

  nsXMLNameSpaceMap* GetNameSpaceMap() const { return mInner->mNameSpaceMap; }

  already_AddRefed<nsCSSStyleSheet> Clone(nsCSSStyleSheet* aCloneParent,
                                          mozilla::css::ImportRule* aCloneOwnerRule,
                                          nsIDocument* aCloneDocument,
                                          nsIDOMNode* aCloneOwningNode) const;

  bool IsModified() const { return mDirty; }

  void SetModifiedByChildRule() {
                 "sheet must be marked dirty before handing out child rules");

  nsresult AddRuleProcessor(nsCSSRuleProcessor* aProcessor);
  nsresult DropRuleProcessor(nsCSSRuleProcessor* aProcessor);

   * Like the DOM insertRule() method, but doesn't do any security checks
  nsresult InsertRuleInternal(const nsAString& aRule,
                              PRUint32 aIndex, PRUint32* aReturn);

  /* Get the URI this sheet was originally loaded from, if any.  Can
     return null */
  virtual nsIURI* GetOriginalURI() const;

  // nsICSSLoaderObserver interface
  NS_IMETHOD StyleSheetLoaded(nsCSSStyleSheet* aSheet, bool aWasAlternate,
                              nsresult aStatus);

  enum EnsureUniqueInnerResult {
    // No work was needed to ensure a unique inner.
    // A clone was done to ensure a unique inner (which means the style
    // rules in this sheet have changed).
    // A clone was attempted, but it failed.
  EnsureUniqueInnerResult EnsureUniqueInner();

  // Append all of this sheet's child sheets to aArray.  Return true
  // on success and false on allocation failure.
  bool AppendAllChildSheets(nsTArray<nsCSSStyleSheet*>& aArray);

  bool UseForPresentation(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                            nsMediaQueryResultCacheKey& aKey) const;

  // nsIDOMStyleSheet interface

  // nsIDOMCSSStyleSheet interface

  // Function used as a callback to rebuild our inner's child sheet
  // list after we clone a unique inner for ourselves.
  static bool RebuildChildList(mozilla::css::Rule* aRule, void* aBuilder);

  nsCSSStyleSheet(const nsCSSStyleSheet& aCopy,
                  nsCSSStyleSheet* aParentToUse,
                  mozilla::css::ImportRule* aOwnerRuleToUse,
                  nsIDocument* aDocumentToUse,
                  nsIDOMNode* aOwningNodeToUse);

  nsCSSStyleSheet(const nsCSSStyleSheet& aCopy) MOZ_DELETE;
  nsCSSStyleSheet& operator=(const nsCSSStyleSheet& aCopy) MOZ_DELETE;

  virtual ~nsCSSStyleSheet();

  void ClearRuleCascades();

  nsresult WillDirty();
  void     DidDirty();

  // Return success if the subject principal subsumes the principal of our
  // inner, error otherwise.  This will also succeed if the subject has
  // UniversalBrowserWrite.
  nsresult SubjectSubsumesInnerPrincipal() const;

  // Add the namespace mapping from this @namespace rule to our namespace map
  nsresult RegisterNamespaceRule(mozilla::css::Rule* aRule);

  nsString              mTitle;
  nsRefPtr<nsMediaList> mMedia;
  nsRefPtr<nsCSSStyleSheet> mNext;
  nsCSSStyleSheet*      mParent;    // weak ref
  mozilla::css::ImportRule* mOwnerRule; // weak ref

  CSSRuleListImpl*      mRuleCollection;
  nsIDocument*          mDocument; // weak ref; parents maintain this for their children
  nsIDOMNode*           mOwningNode; // weak ref
  bool                  mDisabled;
  bool                  mDirty; // has been modified 

  nsCSSStyleSheetInner* mInner;

  nsAutoTArray<nsCSSRuleProcessor*, 8>* mRuleProcessors;

  friend class nsMediaList;
  friend class nsCSSRuleProcessor;
  friend nsresult NS_NewCSSStyleSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet** aInstancePtrResult);
  friend struct ChildSheetListBuilder;


nsresult NS_NewCSSStyleSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet** aInstancePtrResult);

#endif /* !defined(nsCSSStyleSheet_h_) */