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Bug 1366644 - Pre: Work around mach/mozharness/mozprocess output issue. r=maliu It's unfortunate, but somehow the run-task > mozharness > mach build > mach gradle > Gradle causes Gradle to hang with no output. We avoid the bug by avoiding the `max_build_output_timeout > 0` branch in mozharness. (These tasks are all in Task Cluster, so they'll be killed eventually and it's not a huge issue to remove the output timeout.) MozReview-Commit-ID: 9wiLWS7kRQ9

config = {
    'base_name': 'Android findbugs %(branch)s',
    'stage_platform': 'android-findbugs',
    'build_type': 'api-16-opt',
    'src_mozconfig': 'mobile/android/config/mozconfigs/android-api-16-frontend/nightly',
    'multi_locale_config_platform': 'android',
    # findbugs doesn't produce a package. So don't collect package metrics.
    'disable_package_metrics': True,
    'postflight_build_mach_commands': [
    'artifact_flag_build_variant_in_try': None, # There's no artifact equivalent.
    'max_build_output_timeout': 0,