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Hyphen - hyphenation library to use converted TeX hyphenation patterns
(C) 1998 Raph Levien
(C) 2001 ALTLinux, Moscow
(C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 László Németh
This was part of libHnj library by Raph Levien.
Peter Novodvorsky from ALTLinux cut hyphenation part from libHnj
to use it in
Compound word and non-standard hyphenation support by László Németh.
License is the original LibHnj license:
LibHnj is dual licensed under LGPL and MPL (see also README.libhnj).

Because LGPL allows GPL relicensing, COPYING contains now 
LGPL/GPL/MPL tri-license for explicit Mozilla source compatibility.

Original Libhnj source with OOo's patches are managed by Rene Engelhard
and Chris Halls at Debian:


This distribution is the source of the en_US hyphenation patterns
"hyph_en_US.dic", too. See README_hyph_en_US.txt.

Source files of hyph_en_US.dic in the distribution:

hyphen.tex (en_US hyphenation patterns from plain TeX)


tbhyphext.tex: hyphenation exception log from TugBoat archive

  Source of the hyphenation exception list:

  Generated with the hyphenex script

  sh <tb0hyf.tex >tbhyphext.tex


make install


make check
VALGRIND=memcheck make check


./example hyph_en_US.dic mywords.txt

or (under Linux)

echo example | ./example hyph_en_US.dic /dev/stdin

NOTE: In the case of Unicode encoded input, convert your words
to lowercase before hyphenation (under UTF-8 console environment):

cat mywords.txt | awk '{print tolower($0)}' >mywordslow.txt


See README.hyphen for hyphenation algorithm, README.nonstandard
and doc/tb87nemeth.pdf for non-standard hyphenation,
README.compound for compound word hyphenation, and tests/*.

Description of the dictionary format:

First line contains the character encoding (ISO8859-x, UTF-8).

Possible options in the following lines:

LEFTHYPHENMIN num          minimal hyphenation distance from the left word end
RIGHTHYPHENMIN num         minimal hyphation distance from the right word end
COMPOUNDLEFTHYPHENMIN num  min. hyph. dist. from the left compound word boundary
COMPOUNDRIGHTHYPHENMIN num min. hyph. dist. from the right comp. word boundary

hyphenation patterns       see README.* files

NEXTWORD                   separate the two compound sets (see README.compound)

Default values:
Without explicite declarations, hyphenmin fields of dict struct
are zeroes, but in this case the lefthyphenmin and righthyphenmin
will be the default 2 under the hyphenation (for backward compatibility).


Use percent sign at the beginning of the lines to add comments to your
hpyhenation patterns (after the character encoding in the first line):

% comment

* Warning! Correct working of Libhnj *needs* prepared hyphenation patterns. *

For example, generating hyph_en_US.dic from "" TeX patterns:
perl hyph_en_US.dic ISO8859-1

or with default LEFTHYPHENMIN and RIGHTHYPHENMIN values:

perl hyph_en_US.dic ISO8859-1 2 3
perl hyph_en_GB.dic ISO8859-1 3 3


Java hyphenation: Peter B. West (Folio project) implements a hyphenator with
non standard hyphenation facilities based on extended Libhnj. The HyFo module
is released in binary form as jar files and in source form as zip files.

László Németh
<nemeth (at) numbertext (dot) org>