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Bug 1300658 P5 Make service worker APIs use the MainThreadTaskQueue. r=baku

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_InternalHeaders_h
#define mozilla_dom_InternalHeaders_h

// needed for HeadersGuardEnum.
#include "mozilla/dom/HeadersBinding.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/UnionTypes.h"

#include "nsClassHashtable.h"
#include "nsWrapperCache.h"

namespace mozilla {

class ErrorResult;

namespace dom {

template<typename T> class MozMap;
class HeadersEntry;

class InternalHeaders final

  struct Entry
    Entry(const nsACString& aName, const nsACString& aValue)
      : mName(aName)
      , mValue(aValue)
    { }

    Entry() { }

    nsCString mName;
    nsCString mValue;

  HeadersGuardEnum mGuard;
  nsTArray<Entry> mList;

  explicit InternalHeaders(HeadersGuardEnum aGuard = HeadersGuardEnum::None)
    : mGuard(aGuard)

  explicit InternalHeaders(const InternalHeaders& aOther)
    : mGuard(HeadersGuardEnum::None)
    ErrorResult result;
    Fill(aOther, result);
    // Note that it's important to set the guard after Fill(), to make sure
    // that Fill() doesn't fail if aOther is immutable.
    mGuard = aOther.mGuard;

  explicit InternalHeaders(const nsTArray<Entry>&& aHeaders,
                           HeadersGuardEnum aGuard = HeadersGuardEnum::None);

  InternalHeaders(const nsTArray<HeadersEntry>& aHeadersEntryList,
                  HeadersGuardEnum aGuard);

  void ToIPC(nsTArray<HeadersEntry>& aIPCHeaders,
             HeadersGuardEnum& aGuard);

  void Append(const nsACString& aName, const nsACString& aValue,
              ErrorResult& aRv);
  void Delete(const nsACString& aName, ErrorResult& aRv);
  void Get(const nsACString& aName, nsCString& aValue, ErrorResult& aRv) const;
  void GetAll(const nsACString& aName, nsTArray<nsCString>& aResults,
              ErrorResult& aRv) const;
  bool Has(const nsACString& aName, ErrorResult& aRv) const;
  void Set(const nsACString& aName, const nsACString& aValue, ErrorResult& aRv);

  uint32_t GetIterableLength() const
    return mList.Length();
  const NS_ConvertASCIItoUTF16 GetKeyAtIndex(unsigned aIndex) const
    MOZ_ASSERT(aIndex < mList.Length());
    return NS_ConvertASCIItoUTF16(mList[aIndex].mName);
  const NS_ConvertASCIItoUTF16 GetValueAtIndex(unsigned aIndex) const
    MOZ_ASSERT(aIndex < mList.Length());
    return NS_ConvertASCIItoUTF16(mList[aIndex].mValue);

  void Clear();

  HeadersGuardEnum Guard() const { return mGuard; }
  void SetGuard(HeadersGuardEnum aGuard, ErrorResult& aRv);

  void Fill(const InternalHeaders& aInit, ErrorResult& aRv);
  void Fill(const Sequence<Sequence<nsCString>>& aInit, ErrorResult& aRv);
  void Fill(const MozMap<nsCString>& aInit, ErrorResult& aRv);

  bool HasOnlySimpleHeaders() const;

  bool HasRevalidationHeaders() const;

  static already_AddRefed<InternalHeaders>
  BasicHeaders(InternalHeaders* aHeaders);

  static already_AddRefed<InternalHeaders>
  CORSHeaders(InternalHeaders* aHeaders);

  GetEntries(nsTArray<InternalHeaders::Entry>& aEntries) const;

  GetUnsafeHeaders(nsTArray<nsCString>& aNames) const;
  virtual ~InternalHeaders();

  static bool IsInvalidName(const nsACString& aName, ErrorResult& aRv);
  static bool IsInvalidValue(const nsACString& aValue, ErrorResult& aRv);
  bool IsImmutable(ErrorResult& aRv) const;
  bool IsForbiddenRequestHeader(const nsACString& aName) const;
  bool IsForbiddenRequestNoCorsHeader(const nsACString& aName) const;
  bool IsForbiddenRequestNoCorsHeader(const nsACString& aName,
                                      const nsACString& aValue) const;
  bool IsForbiddenResponseHeader(const nsACString& aName) const;

  bool IsInvalidMutableHeader(const nsACString& aName,
                              ErrorResult& aRv) const
    return IsInvalidMutableHeader(aName, EmptyCString(), aRv);

  bool IsInvalidMutableHeader(const nsACString& aName,
                              const nsACString& aValue,
                              ErrorResult& aRv) const
    return IsInvalidName(aName, aRv) ||
           IsInvalidValue(aValue, aRv) ||
           IsImmutable(aRv) ||
           IsForbiddenRequestHeader(aName) ||
           IsForbiddenRequestNoCorsHeader(aName, aValue) ||

  static bool IsSimpleHeader(const nsACString& aName,
                             const nsACString& aValue);

  static bool IsRevalidationHeader(const nsACString& aName);

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_dom_InternalHeaders_h