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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
# You can obtain one at

Imports a test suite from a remote repository. Takes one argument, a file in
the format described in README.
Note: removes both source and destination directory before starting. Do not
      use with outstanding changes in either directory.

import os
import shutil
import string
import subprocess
import sys

import parseManifest
import writeMakefile

def parseManifestFile(dest, dir):
  subdirs, mochitests, _, __, supportfiles = parseManifest.parseManifestFile("hg-%s/%s/MANIFEST" % (dest, dir))
  return subdirs, mochitests, supportfiles

def getData(confFile):
  """This function parses a file of the form
  URL of remote repository|Name of the destination directory
  First directory of tests
  Last directory of tests"""
  repo = ""
  dest = ""
  directories = []
    fp = open(confFile, "rb")
    first = True
    for line in fp:
      if first:
        idx = line.index("|")
        repo = line[:idx].strip()
        dest = line[idx + 1:].strip()
        first = False
    return repo, dest, directories

def makePath(a, b):
  if not b:
    # Empty directory, i.e., the repository root.
    return a
  return "%s/%s" % (a, b)

def copy(thissrcdir, dest, directories):
  """Copy mochitests and support files from the external HG directory to their
  place in mozilla-central.
  print "Copying %s..." % (directories, )
  for d in directories:
    dirtocreate = dest

    subdirs, mochitests, supportfiles = parseManifestFile(dest, d)
    sourcedir = makePath("hg-%s" % dest, d)
    destdir = makePath(dest, d)

    for mochitest in mochitests:
      shutil.copy("%s/%s" % (sourcedir, mochitest), "%s/test_%s" % (destdir, mochitest))
    for support in supportfiles:
      shutil.copy("%s/%s" % (sourcedir, support), "%s/%s" % (destdir, support))

    if len(subdirs):
      if d:
        importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, ["%s/%s" % (d, subdir) for subdir in subdirs])
        # Empty directory, i.e., the repository root
        importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, subdirs)

def printMakefile(dest, directories):
  """Create a .mk file to be included into the main, which lists the
  directories with tests.
  print "Creating .mk..."
  path = dest + ".mk"
  fp = open(path, "wb")
  fp.write("DIRS += \\\n")
  fp.write(writeMakefile.makefileString([makePath(dest, d) for d in directories]))
  subprocess.check_call(["hg", "add", path])

def printMakefiles(thissrcdir, dest, directories):
  """Create files for each directory that contains tests we import.
  print "Creating Makefile.ins..."
  for d in directories:
    if d:
      path = "%s/%s" % (dest, d)
      # Empty directory, i.e., the repository root
      path = dest
    print "Creating in %s..." % (path, )

    subdirs, mochitests, supportfiles = parseManifestFile(dest, d)

    abspath = "%s/%s" % (thissrcdir, path)
    files = ["test_%s" % (mochitest, ) for mochitest in mochitests]

    result = writeMakefile.substMakefile("", abspath, subdirs, files)

    fp = open(path + "/", "wb")

def hgadd(dest, directories):
  """Inform hg of the files in |directories|."""
  print "hg addremoving..."
  for d in directories:
    subprocess.check_call(["hg", "addremove", "%s/%s" % (dest, d)])

def importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, directories):
  copy(thissrcdir, dest, directories)
  printMakefiles(thissrcdir, dest, directories)

def importRepo(confFile, thissrcdir):
    repo, dest, directories = getData(confFile)
    hgdest = "hg-%s" % (dest, )
    print "Going to clone %s to %s..." % (repo, hgdest)
    print "Removing %s..." % dest
    subprocess.check_call(["rm", "--recursive", "--force", dest])
    print "Removing %s..." % hgdest
    subprocess.check_call(["rm", "--recursive", "--force", hgdest])
    print "Cloning %s to %s..." % (repo, hgdest)
    subprocess.check_call(["hg", "clone", repo, hgdest])
    print "Going to import %s..." % (directories, )
    importDirs(thissrcdir, dest, directories)
    printMakefile(dest, directories)
    hgadd(dest, directories)
    print "Removing %s again..." % hgdest
    subprocess.check_call(["rm", "--recursive", "--force", hgdest])
  except subprocess.CalledProcessError, e:
    print e.returncode
    print "Done"

if __name__ == "__main__":
  if len(sys.argv) != 2:
    print "Need one argument."
    importRepo(sys.argv[1], "dom/imptests")