Build fix for 502145 with JS_TRACER disabled (no bug).
authorAndreas Gal <>
Mon, 06 Jul 2009 07:01:21 +0200
changeset 30035 ee7466ccb7f1aac3399da64b3f009c11ba972687
parent 30034 753d18be63fc5ebc4822c8e368b3591e30fcdee9
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Build fix for 502145 with JS_TRACER disabled (no bug).
--- a/js/src/jsobj.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jsobj.cpp
@@ -2229,18 +2229,20 @@ Detecting(JSContext *cx, jsbytecode *pc)
  * Infer lookup flags from the currently executing bytecode. This does
  * not attempt to infer JSRESOLVE_WITH, because the current bytecode
  * does not indicate whether we are in a with statement. Return defaultFlags
  * if a currently executing bytecode cannot be determined.
 js_InferFlags(JSContext *cx, uintN defaultFlags)
+#ifdef JS_TRACER
     if (JS_ON_TRACE(cx))
         return cx->bailExit->lookupFlags;
     JSStackFrame *fp;
     jsbytecode *pc;
     const JSCodeSpec *cs;
     uint32 format;
     uintN flags = 0;