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Mon Nov 24 00:01:48 2014 +0000
1791d8198cc34a10b3403d95bebebb802e78dfb5Blair McBride — Bug 1067903 - Part 3: Update tests to deal with autoselect and textValue. r=mak
77a8dfd5559e2966370ce9144e6c47c8da10f97aBlair McBride — Bug 1067903 - Part 2: Change how we handle the real value vs the display value in the URLbar. r=mak
a3829376e88f2983d2b0fb886f733989151cc4f4Blair McBride — Bug 1067903 - Part 1: Autoselect first autocomplete result. r=mak
2acc754928c80d372ca1f70f5e1f2694fc2639b3Blair McBride — Bug 1070778 - Selecting a moz-action: result then typing more can result in "Search X for moz-action:..." item. r=mak