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Wed Oct 26 14:58:52 2016 +0000
d26ac63f1b81c3fce35448a7c502e95e0b5c56c0Henry Chang — Bug 1312323 - Consider the "single encoded value" case and bubble the decoding error up. r=francois.
f3b3e6147f79e59beada1ed94c0b8f23c65f8109Iris Hsiao — Backed out changeset f6927a9b3488 (bug 1294605)
4772825b2cd387f2c65d65fff23dd8f29dab569fIris Hsiao — Backed out changeset 8e21afb88dbb (bug 1294605)
a4866751b9ce113a16e6d91e60bcfe8df3253be5Iris Hsiao — Backed out changeset 7545f9159a1b (bug 1294605)
d6a550f1fbc580e575b6ffb8d7a73491ca7be4a3Iris Hsiao — Backed out changeset 7511487c9b5e (bug 1294605) for Mochitest mda bustages
9ba1705b5af69272efca5cb6c4aacb08a4f35a72Dan Gohman — Bug 1306478 - BaldrMonkey: support arity-insensitive syntax; r=luke
c22be6f4205ed468066b7ef41cbf79d731888aa6Luke Wagner — Bug 1311466 - A follow-up fix. Fix a todo in verifyWasmModule() by passing constructors of correct global to instanceof; r=janv
ee1133c34b71c1257efbd561382156c75b2d21b6Jonathan Kew — Bug 1312440 - Remove (unused) paired bracket data from our Unicode property tables when ICU is available. r=emk
817eb00ba70210a830afda71e071a40d0ec9f767Johann Hofmann — Bug 1302474 - Add a pref to disable login autofill on insecure forms. r=MattN
7511487c9b5e798cf97263a257b26d70a54fc78fAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1294605 - Add explicit test case. r=jib
7545f9159a1b48eb8e1c87bbfc11fcdaab698010Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1294605 - Notify MediaStreamTrackSource when ReadyState is overriden. r=jib
8e21afb88dbbb4e2f6f5333ad424532227d9d54dAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1294605 - Media element captureStream() streams shouldn't keep devices alive. r=jib
f6927a9b3488d64c9e733bbb0f0df941d2648ed0Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1294605 - Notify MediaStreamTrackSource when track is notified of ended on main thread. r=jib
357f4f16be12fa88136a382aaf34d08792ce55d9Makoto Kato — Bug 1312936 - Part 2. Use nsAutoCString for nsITranserable.getAnyTransferData into editor. r=masayuki
80687b4d7461cac239159b73181566b3442b1a25Makoto Kato — Bug 1312936 - Part 1. Use ACString for nsITranserable.getAnyTransferData. r=masayuki
18e1ee2de339a5c1020bb194b2797924117da11bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1312410 - Tests for Fetch API + MutableBlobStorage, r=qdot
8044e281e67c74dadb30e916d04f9d61674ef407Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1312410 - Fetch API should use MutableBlobStorage to store big Blobs on disk, r=qdot
c141993d03eeebd21e4d5a3a07ae9c92695a125fPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
a1e2a14f19113c075d8b524b98417c010577e12bJan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 10: Implement functionality for preprocessing multiple results, fixed objectStore.getAll() to use it including a new test; r=asuth
4dc7863a13f99258df14dfcd242c3d3bc52c2bb9Ting-Yu Chou — Bug 1312309 - Use updated option of "-fexceptions" for clang-cl. r=froydnj
97d5eb039b326c6434cf8c7d09f0820bbf92af09Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - A follow-up fix. Pass correct buffer size to CopyFileData(); r=asuth
c5e7172886f404379642b3bbcf6b3b36bad3ef51Phil Ringnalda — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1081858) for Android line-breaking reftest failures
1c446e42a2696195cc1a6d48ccb070932616dd2dBobby Holley — Bug 1292729 - Style text nodes on the main thread. r=heycam
965602e3bd12102adfff12e1f569d9ce00acb2a0Phil Ringnalda — Bug 1312914 followup followup, disable yet another test
575d6c0542faa86fa6f9c5ce6e5efbd6ed763d84Rail Aliiev — Bug 1312934 - Release l10n repacks should use run time revision instead of default r=nthomas DONTBUILD
c72883b45f426943839d7d3cd151e6ef7fcb1a8fSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1311952 - Remove ALLOC_UPDATE_FROM_SURFACE flag from RecvShowDirectDXGISurface() r=mattwoodrow
10092d633bc7f11df39ea103fd8b4f04220e2028Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to a CLOSED TREE m-i
ac6306117c61a56f8446d99415a853becd7a21c0Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 1081858 - Followup, initialize nsCharProps2 properly. on a CLOSED TREE r=bustage
c6cb7426a61f7960e86af5f525ed8e91779e968bEric Rahm — Bug 1312856 - Remove nsISupportsArray usage from WindowWatcher. r=smaug
d9e96e907d0a8765f728bab3a422789ff816062bKan-Ru Chen — Bug 1081858 - Part 4. Implement segment break transformation rules. r=jfkthame
0dd35a1f895f4c8349bf5637e650719b6a616cedKan-Ru Chen — Bug 1081858 - Part 3. Implement IsEastAsianWidthFWH using ICU or nsUnicodeProperties data. r=jfkthame
ba420f595902864441303ded18420f78285102daKan-Ru Chen — Bug 1081858 - Part 2. Add EastAsianWidthFWH data from Unicode's EastAsianWidth.txt to nsUnicodeProperties for builds without ICU. r=jfkthame
44f9c7e8d1243c6bcffc13b00baf39cf152fb29eKan-Ru Chen — Bug 1081858 - Part 1. Fix aText off-by-one indexing. r=jfkthame
7bd4999c4078a262229001681a7f774ac3ab455cWes Kocher — Bug 1312914 - Skip these tests for now r=me
1bee9d28f684dc94b8326570b50d3c1c451cf835David Anderson — Don't query gfxPlatform for the vsync rate in CompositorBridgeParent. (bug 1312835, r=mattwoodrow)
b59a4d7a3d2c57c33aae29a8844100f2223ab5bcAaron Klotz — Bug 1310841: Make mscom registration use CoGetClassObject so that COM will retain a reference to the proxy dll; r=jimm
1eed5e6b3f51c41cbb05886dd4fdef3a4f33d7afAaron Klotz — Bug 1310841: Modify build rules to allow specification of a manifest for Windows DLLs; r=gps
c2c21601825b83ab8f3d85ea93e82e9fd2739d39Markus Stange — Bug 1308859 - Do not hold on to pointers into mStyleStack across a presshell flush. r=jrmuizel
a096bd8d900e6f910b2dafa4472aa9c0cd1a2dbdMarkus Stange — Bug 1308859 - Back out the instrumentation because I think I know what the problem is now.
abd027328a929911242713b926c2324d2264f7b5Jan Varga — Bug 1311466 - A follow-up fix. Fix Cancel() return type to make windows happy; r=me
9476f6056e4b121aa969dc3b4e72a336e4ac1188Jan Varga — Bug 1311466 - A follow-up fix. Fix a bad implicit conversion constructor; r=me CLOSED TREE
074a25a74513493b327b8c7323246eb583b8935dChris Manchester — Bug 1305145 - Move --enable-tree-freetype to Python configure. r=glandium
794ce41590cdaaa6489c72380db04935131dc590Chris Manchester — Bug 1305145 - Move freetype2 detection to Python configure. r=glandium
4f67a3849c4564496925d36fc212ac2ed5252d6eChris Manchester — Bug 1305145 - Move fontconfig detection to Python configure. r=glandium
32fe0c9940c3ce3152b6fe455a45775b49d3f9efChris Manchester — Bug 1305145 - Move Pango detection to Python configure. r=glandium
a103e419f1eeb6ccbacbe3f32a0e05305c842420Chris Manchester — Bug 1305145 - Make libs and flags set by pkg_check_modules available to the caller. r=glandium
55ba6df1445e1cdc695416bb234399ffae9699afChris Manchester — Bug 1298740 - Populate Python environment with variables from mozconfig. r=glandium
182325e65926d5f5060b36fbc91af76c7cf9e210Chris Manchester — Bug 1312520 - Store and process manifest-level defaults in the build system separately from individual tests. r=gps
11a7683f82d1851834a8fba5ea31a2ee39c46ef4Chris Manchester — Bug 1312520 - Extract the logic for combining defaults and individual section defnitions in the manifestparser to a standalone function. r=ahal
1dda6b3c96e06cbcb1493e91b8e3ac660cd1eb44Chris Manchester — Bug 1312520 - Add an option to the manifestparser to prevent defaults from propagating to individual section definitions. r=ahal
d0751b15d5790db842d77844ebc8f04d09ccbcd0Jan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 9: Extract common code for sending preprocess info; r=asuth
3c3eced266e0a1072019dc78ffae248c99fe704eJan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 8: Implement basic functionality for preprocessing results before they are sent for synchronous deserialization; r=asuth
8ddfb4a361d91b84495315c4d95ba7590a5d8227Jan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 7: Try to unwrap WebAssembly modules passed to WasmExtractCode; r=luke
efee09f2e33233f1d70da332610f31b7fd41d020Jan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 6: Core changes for WebAssembly module deserialization (works only in xpcshell); r=asuth
d12aaa1f3f45a81a935c4d578276823dddd2b86aJan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 5: Fix remote blobs to support nsIFileMetadata interface; r=baku
9c24c16f58e17b58d7cbdce3c69a76faec5c571bJan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 4: Add a C++ only getFileDescriptor() method to nsIFileMetadata interface. All file stream implementations (nsFileInputStream, nsPartialFileInputStream, nsFileOutputStream, nsAtomicFileOutputStream, nsSafeFileOutputStream and nsFileStream) support nsIFileMetadata interface so the new method is available on all these streams. The returned file descriptor can be used for memory mapping of the underlying file. The new method exposes stream's internal member variable, so it should be used carefully; r=froydnj
4738f002dec680994d463135580f9d283ab779b1Jan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 3: Core changes for WebAssembly module serialization including a test; r=asuth
134a73388a64159c943b021627c05ff8b1282c60Jan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 2: Refactor IPDL structs to use file types too; r=asuth
7dd47b2b08073411f6096e54d577bb1069d87aceJan Varga — Bug 1311466 - Part 1: Define only one file type; r=asuth
e1c649956724f62b645d146b758f415b8b27df90Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 10: Fix a possible leak in BindAdoptedBlobByName()/BindAdoptedBlobByIndex(); r=mak
1e2c6afa8a5e01c94c0f68387a834e769bc57c0eJan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 9: Add a new test for externally stored structured clone data; r=asuth
9113736a76ce8b2f1921253b4264837cfa77c8dbJan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 8: Disable externally stored structured clone data in file tests; r=asuth
34b5720fa068f1ce7585d5de803dadd389849f25Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 7: Compress externally stored structured clone data; r=asuth
34a3a5034620002d2dd74bbf82f75e96d2f51ef4Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 6: Core changes for storing structured clone data outside of the database; r=asuth
94f3aca1fe730e847fd17d45624999e626088768Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 5: Add a data threshold pref; r=asuth
97e29df357f70891183da3066c7a897d5ae618e1Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 4: Update keys directly in the structured clone buffer; r=asuth
a1fcb8001d2aa5ce6d27b6ee2d05c3c28334428dJan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 3: Implement an input stream wrapper around structured clone data; r=asuth
e2166a89ee403fc89507026491e6bcfa8f461658Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 2: Refactor file ids handling for better expandability; r=asuth
12213ad49dc0e2af83b3c85722d0f11d650ef9d4Jan Varga — Bug 964561 - Part 1: Use a type in StructuredCloneFile instead of a boolean; r=asuth
2a18e840e4b8ac08fffe201e678a98eb45e9f8b1Nathan Froyd — Bug 1312549 - use equality comparison rather than ordered comparison in ~GeckoChildProcessHost; r=billm
43f9a388633e084c9826673563f346e87830c151Franziskus Kiefer — Bug 1305970 - land NSS 0x3e7b53b18112, r=me
b943d19facc65a7d74adcd9202055e2d1bd1cdbcDavid Anderson — Don't create remote D3D11 devices when remote presentation is broken. (bug 1310443, r=rhunt)
d23e41c16872a973e44d7f3b8e664b8b8b3f0fc8David Anderson — Don't use gfxPlatform for creating temporary surfaces in the BasicCompositor. (bug 1311770, r=mattwoodrow)
a1f1a53aac73772bc130bf270c4ef71ef9eea169Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 95e09163347a (bug 1312606) for build bustage. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
95e09163347acc8fee5d6151aef2f8522272b86fRyan Hunt — Bug 1312606 - Use live pref values when syncing gfxPrefs to the GPU process r=dvander
22dd21caab66dd9c0504c6b984a096639f916e5aAlexander Surkov — Bug 1310794 - implement aria-details and aria-errormessage, r=davidb
eb02e92724f5a2ab1f4169408f797ec29a6ba4d4Luke Wagner — Bug 1311994 - Baldr: remove WebAssembly.experimentalVersion (r=bbouvier)
574e9598c471d7fa55dff2a1cace4c4dae25c903Luke Wagner — Bug 1311994 - Baldr: remove WebAssembly.validate warning (r=bbouvier)
b71ce57f747f4c492a3588859e488256b7717284James Graham — Bug 1312675 - Try harder to close existing windows after each testharness test, r=ato
141d26932a75f4aa17fbc0f8c9280383e6957a6cJames Graham — Bug 1309931 - Add long timeouts to worker tests, a=testonly
7b03b530c7f320bb60b1a922bc8a57c7ef90089aJames Graham — Bug 1309933 - Import wpt-tools manifest changes from upstream, a=testonly
3716d1a3b186c0c762ca5aa7e444d20360ecbee8James Graham — Bug 1309933 - Set a long timeout for WebCrypto wrapKey_unwrapKey worker test, r=Ms2ger
db39947f538ad225040e2a2ca402cf74fab3f0e9James Graham — Bug 1309931 - Update web-platform-tests expected data to revision 1d8e28e2c762b51c06670a373b23af6bd7a8aed7, a=testonly
8aae33ef6ae3ded990dd018505f131776b6ef29fJames Graham — Bug 1309932 - Allow wpt sync script to work with non-merge PRs, r=Ms2ger
a9080e1e92002ba35338484b1b17befbbb81f157James Graham — Bug 1309931 - Update web-platform-tests to revision 1d8e28e2c762b51c06670a373b23af6bd7a8aed7, a=testonly