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Tue Jan 13 15:18:48 2015 +0000
c1f04c06ad54d0ed6a67d36736a28c942125ae5cMark Banner — Bug 1079216 - Improve some strings on the Loop feedback form. r=nperriault
2d99ceafd75976a871b25a46a5ee838594a8a069Mark Banner — Bug 1119765 - Joining and Leaving a Loop room quickly can leave the room as full. Ensure we send the leave notification if we've already sent the join. r=mikedeboer
6074db81bd9e63ae77958837d585ca923c612100Mark Banner — Bug 1120428 - No error/failure message if the websocket fails to connect for some reason. Add a null check when closing the socket. r=nperriault