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Sat Aug 08 16:59:48 2015 +0000
7ece2ae55806cd2c3e88690baab3d70979350a3aDave Townsend — Bug 1192441: Disable Push service debug logging by default. r=dougt
896476b65693c0ef789afa2d5cf92ba181beade5Dave Townsend — Bug 1190692: Load web extensions. r=billm
b958b84f2fa0121763910a4257f19a548a65bcd5Dave Townsend — Bug 1190692: Parse manifest.json files into AddonInternal instances. r=billm
bce7e1052bff5199b37c9d9f75dae4092b928adbDave Townsend — Bug 1190692: Split out manifest parsing code to support web extension manifests. r=billm
1e52038911911ee778fc2837a21a658a7dcd621bDave Townsend — Bug 1009332: Present certain internal add-on types as other types through the API. r=billm