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Thu Sep 05 17:04:07 2013 +0000
ba3799c9da861068504bf2d9dc34078db8c315b2Paul Rouget — Bug 913045 - getWallpaper doesn't work. r=ochameau
fa45b62aaa24a0f16e10cbe34442e6cc2348e686Paul Rouget — Bug 912910 - [app manager] add a menuitem to the devtools menu. r=mossop
b6756fb5d78dafc77cee06f19f797b30880a65a0Andre Miranda — Bug 912743 - [responsive mode] Vertical resizer is missing its tooltip. r=paul
d4e22cde2adfe9b5ce3b1e76228ec2305c23f09fBrian Grinstead — Bug 911671 - [markup view] Holding up/down on a number value should update preview while number changes r=mratcliffe
52d436a29df0b617fb3085f3518bdf325b2c5e8bMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 910155 - Rule view does not keep changed rules marked after inspecting other nodes r=dcamp
45ad3919056e191b7cd0235607e73236e06b16d7Alexandre Poirot — Bug 908205 - Allows to install an app via the webapp actor without having to push file with adb. r=past