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Tue Aug 02 14:29:11 2011 +0000
a8c39fc1b57b33f9d127a0afe06b96b54c907e14Panos Astithas — Bug 659907 - Expand console object with a dir method that displays an interactive listing of all the properties of an object.; f=rcampbell r=mihai.sucan,bzbarsky sr=bzbarsky
327bd5e0d8043aacfaccd177b142eb3306e8227bRob Campbell — Bug 674879 - Move Scratchpad to browser/devtools;,mihai.sucan
0d0395cb99ff140ae2e2386aaf0f4e0384096cbbPanos Astithas — Bug 653531 - Shared knowledge of selected node in highlighter and web console; r=rcampbell