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Fri Feb 06 19:16:34 2015 +0000
dee2c81352423dade29b5ef4dcaabab10c4fbdd5Victor Porof — Bug 1121192 - Mouse events sometimes don't fire in the canvas graphs, r=jsantell
bfc3a426a823168f4eabafcac595393afb944605Victor Porof — Bug 1130276 - Add an 'invert flame graph' option to go along with 'invert call tree', r=jsantell
44685f89442cd073dbb2ab575fe3dce7ad2de768Victor Porof — Bug 1130278 - The 'show-platform-data' pref is irrelevant for memory call trees, r=jsantell
e4ed2f7b72c5ee5a6392cea5115fbab24a465b19Victor Porof — Bug 1130274 - JS and Memory flame graphs get rerendered but don't actually change when prefs are modified, r=jsantell
8d3c748186062dfe4696bd5a682a7915f0be1a90Victor Porof — Bug 1130273 - PerformanceView._onClearButtonClick listener is never removed from _clearButton, r=jsantell
f9153e3f838a798251fbfe72b4144b25920494f5Victor Porof — Bug 1130272 - OverviewView._onGraphSelecting doesn't need to check if a recording is available, r=jsantell
3d5548f9d755920ab8fa1a32df903feb8c25fb11Victor Porof — Bug 1130270 - Waterfall view doesn't need to be cleared when a recording is started in the new performance tool, r=jsantell