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Mon Mar 14 15:59:30 2016 +0000
d50f024f55d81364ead7bdb729b01746399325c5Luca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] Add "UnrecognizedProperty" to commands manifest properties. r=kmag
8a78c738b882f9d8a4171a038fa1b4d71c958394Luca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] Use 'UnrecognizedProperty' on browser and page actions. r=kmag
1e47cefe3b9b90f6731006768dd7c9bcf1ff8286Luca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] Test "UnrecognizedProperty" on content_scripts manifest properties. r=kmag
c02c1dc34180806bc48e56cc46ddf58b1d929b63Luca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] Reusable 'UnrecognizedProperty' type for manifest schema validation. r=kmag
398160abc223561f29deb190949910154c4f5b03Luca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] Run event pages as background pages and log warning on persistent manifest attribute. r=kmag
282de7d09bce1fd2216f93b91812cb4389c15721Jarda Snajdr — Bug 1255734 - DevTools: Inspecting a primitive value in console throws a TypeError. r=vporof
4dfa6cdb7faa89904a3bda31f5a8890cac4481c9Kumar McMillan — Bug 1256246 - Improve prompt for loading an add-on from directory. r=ochameau