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Sun Aug 07 19:19:25 2011 +0000
7715c3c492ae754211b4881fedb0fe8a045e69ffRaymond Lee — Bug 586555 - groupItemStorageSanity: if it's a check, let's really check it! r=tim
eef25ec2d58e3f7d845438209ba2d95c44f0e441Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
c9441d911d5830336f164f127b23823bfe82d4d9Dave Townsend — Bug 677005: Backout bad bocklist landing
ed772265d2bcf01dfb8331d2c7981014ff50c1b2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 675191 Don't write a cached dynamic overlay back to cache again r=Enn
9f943b1faf6e320214b449f681293707416c4507Phil Ringnalda — Bug 243453 - Fix a 10 year old comment typo to fix a 7 year old bug with a 6 year old review request, rs=jband's 7 year old comment 2 in the bug DONTBUILD
b422fd99fe0d740e9244e145eb25bc7d71c9f24eOlli Pettay — Backout Bug 677026
e6e47912000d35709d8b130138a685290b75f39bOlli Pettay — Bug 677026 - nsIDOMWindow should inherit nsIDOMEventTarget, r=sicking
ba21778fcc14908df6954e41074e1162c0cfd103Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
9c74f840758b8dca339d7b265e7c4f3ad40e8d3fMarco Bonardo — Backout changesets 57446cb82caa, 1c136ef5cac2 due to Tp5 regression on OSX.
2ea2772ce148a2a62a1b99eff4912bd9d150851dMark Finkle — Bug 584767 - webapps frontend (string tweak) [r=fabrice]
1e7cabf5103d84e70477d5a08ac3110ae663477dPaul Biggar — Bug 668936: Stringify String.prototype.replace's arguments in the right order (r=jwalden)
56b60d34085734d343994cbec17ac5156ab3351dMarty Rosenberg — Bug 649202 - Implement fast typed arrays for ARM (r=jbramley)
3e764c25c144f1984f22b979afbad6f0cfebe215Matt Brubeck — Bug 656329 - Use a Honeycomb-style action bar on tablets (preffed off by default) [r=mfinkle]
66ccc3cf04bc29c2b6f7681ee6ac61c1d95fb56dTom Schuster — Bug 653175 - An array index with a null character could wrongly be considered to be valid. r=jorendorff
9ef8e264cd4129ba2b6969496bc4ebc329cd2313Tom Schuster — Bug 675896 - Expand Unicode ranges to handle chinese identifiers. Add UnicodeData.txt version 6.0.0 r=waldo
5e542afdd814fab0341b1991a8334e32021dd7d2Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset 3985e7570ab6 (Bug 673301) due to permaorange in M1 (OSX).
672300c1bf65aede27bb2bc18479bcb4363ca7b2Luke Wagner — Bug 676486 - Only compare args in StackIter when the StackFrame hasArgs (r=waldo)
bae3e43a51730b52db124a810f117e1e24f7fb9fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 674003. Add reftest for transparent radial gradients. r=joe
39d0aea0cbcd316decfecf9a60020295ffe771f7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 673417. imglib: remove mLoadTime. r=joe
d5db87177940e051688f289f9f76807fc90d87d3Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 673417. imglib: remove more PRBools. r=joe
198491e83664a4b5d70822b9a4ff1b4d8ca69b1eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 676747. qcms: Fix a warning about using the wrong function type. r=bgirard
25d81f689bd278fda4003837917e96cbc950b096Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset a8bca81215ea (Bug 475045) due to m-oth permaorange.
ded3ea236715f012b364fe5be3e97faca4f018fdNeil Deakin — Bug 626563, disable part of the arrowpanels test that tends to fail
43615caacb4894fd3009956cc9730a261c7e0af8Dão Gottwald — Bug 673481 - Remove the border of the reload button in the location bar. r=shorlander
3985e7570ab65a24576bb8ead0286d5c810b0167Neil Deakin — Bug 673301, crash using non-string data with text/plain drags, r=josh
7fece42cb99a9c3637b0926e43aac9156dfe1976Neil Deakin — Bug 585069, support ratio scaling for xul images, r=dbaron
7eda7df522d1c276f41b580df7fd2d6bee756eccNeil Deakin — Bug 628238, arrow panels not positioned correctly when the page is zoomed, r=neil
d0f0427519407c624fd3eb6fe3f9bbdd0aba2b4aNeil Deakin — Bug 524545, popups with large margins appearing offscreen, r=roc
1c136ef5cac29d4c1f0d209ca547f6d479e217e1Benoit Girard — Bug 673440 - add support for NPNVSupportsCompositingCoreAnimationPluginsBool; r=josh
57446cb82caaa789542c3c90c767d8eb8f15bd4aBenoit Girard — Bug 668953 - [10.7] Support new back/forward gestures in OSX Lion; r=smichaud
4d2c4722547c32583819e3bf6caa78b2d0304bc7Jez Ng — Bug 632555 - Scale about:sessionrestore's treeview based on viewport height. r=zpao,dao DONTBUILD
fe6bd42cdc0dbd105682c1c9d7ea630324454736Marco Bonardo — Backout changeset 03f472cf0a5b to reland it with correct author.
a8bca81215eadf4691cd31c5d38799a0fcb5996eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 475045 - Can't drag unlinkified URL to bookmarks toolbar
bb71b8c9441d0163cbb2b16d687ca5acc356d357Mehdi Mulani — Bug 564900 - Add a Downloads view to the Library.
03f472cf0a5bd3bedda4bfb55fda62495c151b4cMarco Bonardo — Bug 632555 - Scale about:sessionrestore's treeview based on viewport height. r=zpao,dao
d68a492dcabe4a3e6d9bbdaebc0f64c795b1611bEdgar Flores — Bug 624742 - Places shouldn't use nsDependentString. r=mak
899a225fd580f3d05f1916df40cad91ea98af496Josh Matthews — Bug 676316 - Reverse the device motion listener removal early return logic. r=dougt
fc40a7ae42cae6fde58084882e62930b24ce8ed4Henri Sivonen — Tests for bug 613662 tweak - Comment out the part of the test that fail due to bug 676808. r=Olli.Pettay.
d900907a1038615ee66af66318fcceee4e5f5ab8Henri Sivonen — Tests for bug 613662 - Implement insertAdjacentHTML. r=bzbarsky.
3e9fb8cfe7fd559f32a67d70d5cf5f24ed4acc40Henri Sivonen — Bug 675621 - Reposition update batch to avoid an assertion about removal mutations when inserting a DOM fragment in insertAdjacentHTML. r=Olli.Pettay.
660e9d2e0adb7eb2f6619855c9ccadb81c028b98Mike Hommey — Bug 674883 - Remove temporary workarounds in mozilla-central for bugs in NSPR
d0c53c6ed070a3894fdce4b1bcb0a5bc0671196eKai Engert — Bug 673382, Upgrade to NSPR 4.8.9, landing beta 5, r=wtc
b4fb6f334a4fa92421afa8468f815e8fb8e1c759Kai Engert — Bug 673382, Upgrade to NSS 3.12.11, landing beta 3, r=wtc
e8fa46a9db70e6099a7b446c7ce1111a292eca9fJan Varga — Bug 676236 - Add support for the <menuitem> element to the HTML parser (not enabled by default) r=hsivonen
be090ee1747a378bef88e392164ad01548d912edJosh Matthews — Bug 676316 - Reverse the device motion listener removal early return logic. r=dougt
c7931e07dd4dcda4916d58753bfdb933372e8148Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound in the hope to reopen soon a CLOSED TREE
fff506a4889bb5df486975758acc5373dc32b86cAlexander Surkov — Bug 675861 - Crash [@ AccIterator::GetNext()], r=tbsaunde
6181622382cfe47637cac70bff1a09e80b6cc2cbLuke Wagner — Bug 676023 - Increment pc on error path out of JSOP_RETURN (r=dvander)
ba19e1cd3f918d684ad8d71551254631c8d23870Luke Wagner — Bug 670059 - Add some JS engine telemetry counters to measure occurrences of: E4X, __iterator__, mutable __proto__ (r=taras,waldo)
1d186a5f3a96e938a253726ac48ecaf00e80c712Luke Wagner — Bug 674522 - Fix jsval_layout on 64-bit big-endian platforms (r=waldo)
cd0106ceb8ce337636875ef7b1f0d143cb33b7a4Patrick McManus — bug 675919 - websockets fail connection on unknown control code. r=jduell
840fd3069d1fecb1a7aeed20544dd26411d2ffcbPatrick McManus — Bug 675961 - Websockets: error in removing processed control frame from buffered fragment sequence. r=jduell
6bcb177d3402b3def96bb7c46ca99c07a071dba1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 671428. cairo: try to crash earlier and record some stuff about the crash. r=joe.
062549aab2685b354dc0d90c82e9a9979fd1d58bMatt Woodrow — No Bug - Fix Maemo/Qt bustage by only referencing GLXPixmap on GTK2. r=roc
699b68990d54e6e7b657e4e4aff83d74e0a7709aJeff Walden — Bug 676700 - Slightly speed up js::IndexToId by converting directly to atom, not to string and then to atom. r=luke
6ef18ea1911aeaf29e0e4443d172a5772fb21806Jeff Walden — Bug 576034 - Remove aliased property implementation details. r=jorendorff
409145fb43463a517e36dc7374bce750d073821bJeff Walden — Bug 576034 - Remove aliased properties APIs. r=jorendorff
1edc576938dccbe441132bddf8afca8981fe86a6Matt Woodrow — Bug 675073 - Release OpenGL textures with the global context if the creating context has been destroyed. r=joe
83fe19966844facbc1efbf441a86402b334214c8Matt Woodrow — Bug 671259 - Disable OpenGL layers on linux when we don't have texture_from_pixmap. r=bjacob
c0adebd5c58d4ea18de1c9031345a56271ebef23Matt Woodrow — Bug 659560 - Block Mesa versions lower than 7.10.3. r=bjacob
86192af6031047f74255b89050193bea8cfdcc27Matt Woodrow — Bug 655017 - Let gfxXlibSurface track GLXPixmaps and use this for CanvasLayerOGL. r=karlt, roc
ace0285541c4ff85e3c4bf9ef004ad8c7cf87fa6Matt Brubeck — Bug 676727 - Fix Fennec urlbar styles in RTL locales [r=wesj]
e7987c08ae94ec5d23eafd2f72eb8a4e76ff461fKai Engert — Bug 673382, upgrading to NSS 3.12.11 beta 2, r=wtc
57d464afd5e7614c56f276ff29df4c4b87389901Matt Brubeck — Bug 656779 - Fix firstrun discovery animation for RTL locales on Gingerbread [r=wesj]
fafce4553fd584068f313e2d3dcd2d57a93b946cMatt Brubeck — Bug 676410 - Exception in isKeyboardOpened when called from local page [r=wesj]
e820bee09d57ba78d2033bcbdc182518879968f4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 662989 - Avoid crashing if a DB connection isn't asyncClose()d when it should be. r=mak.
706c47369f83952e91d010a0508e7bae6f27ad29Luke Wagner — Backout a22fad398472 and 373e6bd2705d because of burnage
086328df641d4ebc9d4a011faf2139ac633a4be7Dave Townsend — Bug 670033: Persist deferred session across a browser restart. r=zpao
a22fad398472a3a79d80a7aeb8e9ca5ad4c8ca73Luke Wagner — Bug 670059 - Add some JS engine telemetry counters to measure occurrences of: E4X, __iterator__, mutable __proto__ (r=taras,waldo)
373e6bd2705d1d1cf19fc60a87a2fc98609c6c78Luke Wagner — Bug 674522 - Fix jsval_layout on 64-bit big-endian platforms (r=waldo)
c69f76d027b2d4fadd19596830248face3611a0eJim Chen — Bug 674806 - b. Include ctype.h before referencing tolower. r=cjones
770498ac2b3ebedc312fa0ca4a1be80ba8135ec1Jim Chen — Bug 674806 - a. Include cast in compound literal expression. r=blassey
6827ee54c23f59d7108c720c320e438a7f85d943Jim Chen — Bug 674805 - Move WorkerPrivateParent instantiation inside namespace; r=bent
b9e9b5a4959a64ec2c15dff4e5464a9558fcc6efAlon Zakai — Bug 674800 - Print address of XPTCStub with nsXPCWrappedJS. r=mrbkap
5be600d6e85cdf317b2ec0fc2680787c27b576b1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672207. imglib: remove unnecessary scoping. r=joe
effa390ec9c588f42a9c3db28ce6fce489be2c78Justin Lebar — Bug 664659 - Fix about:memory image reporters. r=joe
edf0b97ff232e09f95b261d3bf8a10b81767f81bJeff Walden — Windows warning patrol. rs=luke
f824fbd4b94c0f17496e5d9c0af0c722b4d1c34bChris Pearce — Bug 675747 - Handle multiple bos pages in a single ogg bitstream. r=doublec
81c341716ad99a90e85469ba75393e249f8ed2b5Jeff Walden — Followup to bug 671630 for the Windows compiler, which actually might well be right in this case. r=bustage
cd6c34e9b28fc75da8a5a91831363734967c0d65Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 672207. imglib-telemetry: record the full time it takes to decode images. r=jlebar,joe
99e317c11f2836220e25a45b7a3f3b6370b5ef51Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 676643 - Adjust the reftest annotation for selection reftests after bug 674820; r=blassey
0079dfa0cd2376900b52480cfb941e1eec084f0cJeff Walden — Bug 671630 - Make initializing the ArrayBuffer class non-generic. r=mrbkap
1e291b76d689b7d363243e4281e4f6011d3e6e43Jeff Walden — Bug 671630 - Make initializing the various typed arrays (but not ArrayBuffer) non-generic. r=mrbkap
64ca7770ab496d0c354c7704532fa54c335e5282Jeff Walden — Bug 671630 - Convert typed-array initialization code from being 'templatized' by a macro to being templatized by, well, a template. r=mrbkap
fbf02dd1803ea40e3529cf970282f838c63ce439Martijn Wargers — Bug 675711 - test_computed_style.html fails partly on Fennec because of lack of scrollbars. r=dbaron, a=test-only
3a754c19cacd985c422665be1e3f5ddd16c71fd2David Volgyes — Bug 676180 - Memory allocation / deallocation mismatch in toolkit/system/gnome/nsGIOService.cpp. r=karlt
025d0712bfce0882c7338e828dc98ebd67d866b0Nikhil Marathe — Bug 664249 - API fixes for inlined TypedArray properties. r=mrbkap
794fe3408d3aa4ff7d6644e813b8eb38b39319d1Nikhil Marathe — Bug 664249 - Inline TypedArray properties into slots. r=mrbkap
96f52c040d207bd82cd16cb6d40ffa48e1eca447Nikhil Marathe — Bug 667047 - Ensure proper __proto__ behaviour as a normal property after setting it to null once. r=mrbkap
675b822db977b20f863d830520604aeaabc02cd8Mark Finkle — Bug 676542 - telemetry components are not packaged for mobile [r=mbrubeck]
968d17e71c23fc64e8963ace027ea15002766eabJustin Lebar — Bug 673252 - Allow +++DOCSHELL and +++DOMWINDOW printfs to be silenced via MOZ_QUIET environment variable. r=bz
2112b458c8c7ebe956433681b537312da77e4738Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 674820 - input/textarea.selectionStart/selectionEnd/selectionDirection should not require the presence of a frame; r=bzbarsky
70416d5c538446cd5f1109b664221bef656d625bMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset 4c509d9b5b59 (Bug 666611) due to failure on Windows.
ecd7238895874364aa7fbaffef562ceb4ad094d9Alexander Surkov — Bug 652802 - intermittent failures in mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/relations/test_tabbrowser.xul | Can't get accessible for [object XULElement], r=marcoz
d201bfd052b397f6213dbc2266664e024aae5ba9Alexander Surkov — Bug 673836 - Intermittent failure in accessible/tree/test_tabbrowser.xul | Different amount of expected children of [ 'browser node' , role: internal frame] - got 0, expected 1, r=marcoz
dd38dafe931bf15332057edd46a96ad8c1b28602Alexander Surkov — Bug 676267 - expose stale state on accessibles unattached from tree, r=tbsaunde
7b917981c44dfa8cd6869fc42c54496dc54a8a3dMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
9c523b57329eff6306d2990710e3991a3047412aMarco Bonardo — Backout changeset d43b06e79794 (Bug 612839) due to build bustage.
9bf06b1df4759fbf16db930037c74e22e0571e7dJezreel Ng — Bug 239533 - Add URL parameter support to about:config. r=gavin
4c509d9b5b597ac141215041b912465ffcbe5ba7Jezreel Ng — Bug 666611 - Do not set chunksize if less than 100MiB of storage is available. r=mak
3a3e648530b2f10ae6340b5a49c7252833cdd655Ed Morley — Bug 653333 - Remove legacy splash screen code (nsSplashScreen, MOZ_SPLASHSCREEN, splash.bmp) now that no platforms use it; r=dtownsend,bsmedberg
49f8fb1d048fcc3b8dbbb7fca990b173b76e0af6Robert Sesek — Bug 448168 - Apply |s/entires/entries/g|; r=roc
0cff49ed75df6778f7b4777c1c96ecd8d91e377cJulian Reschke — Bug 230703 - only accept link header field target when it's first in the value. r=bz
d43b06e79794b2ecd34d8e66afbc77fbedf7f258Marco Castelluccio — Bug 612839 - Removed nsAHtml5FragmentParser. r=hsivonen
d8a5ef7806ec1d43faea099ce99cab96de8d8d7carno renevier — Bug 673390 - prevent crash in [@ nsNativeTheme::IsIndeterminateProgress]. r=roc