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Thu Dec 18 03:17:45 2014 +0000
c2af7ad0a78393d1ce2090ae38146bf2adbeb5e8Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1106792 - Links to clear history and remove cookies have lost their style. r=dao
4108095d488ca856256fb85f51dd3d75b9037c57Jalpreet Singh Nanda — Bug 966654 - Close button tap target on snippet banner is too small. r=margaret
7ad4cbf2129993f94f293eb653fb212f7df03d95Michael Lopez — Bug 963945 - Add about:addons URI as whitelisted so that it can be refocused instead of opening duplicate tabs in private browsing. r=jdm
38b13fa63bcd682eb462e1444b1b70ed97ea39c2Sami Jaktholm — Bug 940542 - Use Promise.jsm instead of deprecated-sync-thenables in Inspector. r=pbrosset