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Thu Oct 17 18:27:38 2013 +0000
62732da6ae3d5addd4e4522610d042cf1d8804f6Alexandre Poirot — Bug 926332 - Expose getTestFile to mochitest chrome/browser that returns nsIFile instance for test data files. r=jmaher
7063d9f5c1fdd312bdc8403fc6cd34e30d76a782Alexandre Poirot — Bug 920478 - Print errors when something is wrong with app launch path. r=paul
2601d36dc1f12d8c5c42e183b2d26aeca55cab1aMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 918716 - Add color swatches to devtools output parser. r=jwalker
1374158dab4b8d334ca41a19405a97a92cd0f084Steven MacLeod — Bug 900910 - Initialize SessionStore earlier to catch windows opened immediately after startup. r=ttaubert