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Wed Apr 06 02:16:58 2016 +0000
057006b7317699c8c96167091ea5d0cd3e16078aMark Hammond — Bug 1262329 - don't log that Sync encountered an error writing previousFailed when there was no error. r=rnewman
6ae9eb6d8dca4ef55d7f1af0e7a945fbedf4b7faKit Cambridge — Bug 1257008 - Don't collapse the tab list when right-clicking on a device in the Synced Tabs sidebar. r=markh
95f6c8a20a2a2f0c3bf651605be0d2ce70b030e8Edouard Oger — Bug 1251159 - Sync Tab Sidebar now shows clear filter button on osx properly. r=markh
df3d3e4187022772c3dfa8ffb591abb90632f0bbKit Cambridge — Bug 1262021 - Ensure remote commands are applied once per sync. r=markh
43f067177f2d15a3e3788b98cc18bd35441eb59eKit Cambridge — Bug 1262312 - Don't update the device registration every time we open Sync preferences. r=markh
7f54e6fc8add68c07c781e788182c4f9427aaa86Kit Cambridge — Bug 1262310 - Fix opening synced tabs from the sidebar. r=markh