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Fri May 04 14:23:10 2012 +0000
b6e6a24c9e9568af11b821211a6836edc313c385Tim Taubert — Bug 740242 - | Received unexpected exception while running application 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'; r=ted
db1f131884deee171945b025d1149c80495d8e69Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
9ebf3dc839c52b39045f7fb5b411328db0d6d206Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e53c3fb93f8b73fa5701022c5a5115895e9959efJosh Aas — Bug 751641: Fix bug in which we add a Java MIME type to all plugins. r=jst
c2d87f9d69771c2a2c03aa90c6be9ca5c03ee17eChris Lord — Bug 750535 - Fix invalidation of retained tiles. r=ajuma a=blocking-fennec
e9ade282b5d89990f224ac445c7035e062b8dfefKarl Tomlinson — b=751774 handle no drag service during shutdown r=roc
4d81667d36ddc628af3cb7661c9d099b8eeca319L. David Baron — Add missing GetFirstInFlow() call that was causing a crash in ComputeDescendantWidth when printing with font inflation enabled (or a debug build). (Bug 751797) r=roc
e2f1d7d2a01170da1ee0b9469a9a9aa50e715824Phil Ringnalda — Bug 738803 - Annotate the Windows assertions in 736924-1.html now that compartment-per-global has made them permanent on Win7
7972b92116b081674c57e8a1b3cd72a86cffc6d0Eitan Isaacson — Bug 750528 - Use accessibility.accessfu to enable or disable accessfu. r=davidb
2b95bc1a64a7b15f2951b7998e07ade758c6d19dEitan Isaacson — Bug 751769 - Only attach to first window, throw exception if attach is called again. r=davidb
f8125b89352d36e34fcff4a4e9fa559fb13c852bL. David Baron — Make effect of form controls on font size inflation text threshold not depend on user changes to their value. (Bug 747857) r=roc
bbdf0f8c06a8274828ff5d8b0a9f7756b399493dDoug Turner — Bug 738465 - implement device light sensor. r=smaug
1aa618c21bab21a4fb1bb42870828f70a6fbb8d1Doug Turner — Bug 738131 - implement device proximity. r=smaug
270db83fa61c70447ac02a5643b9dfaca3c798e7Doug Turner — Bug 740473 - Preference to disable device sensors. r=smaug
a60f7c4c1afd8f9d62cefb9d1fa9afc7c6d3e891Doug Turner — Bug 746470 - Add mozconfig* to the hg ignore file. r=khuey
b46d76d90cc006f940c70663c13ff85938767fecDoug Turner — Bug 742179 - Move MakeRandomString to xpcom/ds. r=bsmedberg
ba3af080c9c106ac5f8736413a9dd7c8c8ac1815Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 751479 - Guard against the scale gesture detector receiving move events without corresponding down events. r=Cwiiis
4608e8e96c871ce701cc2a629f8aa7d3973e507bJeff Walden — Disable a small bit of debug code when compiling with MSVC as a temporary workaround for a compiler bug. Hopefully a semantically-equivalent workaround can be found in the longer term, but in the short term this at least makes debug Windows shell builds compile again, in a way dmandelin thinks is at least not unreasonable. Another followup to bug 745472, split out for clarity, r=themaid
489e1b75048ea10ec4700ea74fd930dd5a0a0fe1Jeff Walden — Fix Windows build warnings, followup to bug 745742. r=themaid
3de88b31bbcba83129662b064b15ed0c7d59a8ceBrian Nicholson — Backout 7e237e96018f for black area in thumbnails. r=backout
273e1b850db8f736de2182955e1273343d0c9269Daniel Holbert — Bug 750370: Fix incorrect bounds-check for unsigned value nsRadioGroupStruct::mRequiredRadioCount. r=mounir
a4c02dde700cf1211c9ce60c76261c60b0a4eed9Benoit Girard — Bug 751779 - Enable leaf address profiling with the gecko profiler on mac. r=jmuizelaar
f561a638fe1e8da4854c6b06ec1091f88d0a6b9fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 751668. Avoid incorrectly using EXTEND_NONE. r=joe
63292b0750c79c51c70d7f23ac50f0ab952b4f0cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 575688 - Follow-up so that new test only runs in shell. r=orange
ff1d8e3ebdf9a350c408db45a40a568a1149610eLuke Wagner — Bug 690135 - remove some bits of jsdbgapi and shell (r=jorendorff)
449bf9729a8adff62e3556dfbed34cd15841b0c4Luke Wagner — Bug 746839 - rm FunctionBox::methods and CleanFunctionList (r=jimb)
be0709aa473015a0cf96e15e0ada6acd29d07d8eLuke Wagner — Bug 747554 - Parsing destructuring short-hand should note name use like normal identifiers (r=waldo)
baf3b13a912e2d5883d7f92d14d862d4d69afc4aJohn Schoenick — Bug 748365 - xpath: Don't progress past end in nextToken, remove pushBack() logic. r=sicking
2e603a571520b052866a1b55cddb51815a93f642Steve Fink — Bug 730208 - UnmarkGray fixups for globals and contexts. r=billm
3cc705cca95bf7144ebd77f12d91d4b80ca06a43Steve Fink — Bug 730208 - Root JSD's pet global so it can't participate in CC cycles. r=billm
74c90cb529303b29263a01b879ecc5853dc7d133Steve Fink — Bug 730208 - UnmarkGray the global object held by nsXULPDGlobalObject to avoid it getting used to create black -> gray edges. r=smaug
defb5077998015ff004f8b90a9b9d3307a33ba02Steve Fink — Bug 730208 - UnmarkGray various JS objects to prevent them from being used to create black -> gray edges. r=smaug
2cf654124beb41af9b51293102ee1037a99787c4Steve Fink — Bug 730208 - XPConnect changes to UnmarkGray some more objects and return them for convenience. r=mccr8
3ac9d5b00a613a02acfba8b2480b804c21c3e1feSteve Fink — Bug 730208 - Implement js::IsIncrementalBarrierNeededOnScript. r=billm
fbce8a608761a9701e80b1dcfa0bc7cb9b2f9540Patrick McManus — bug 739522 allow parallelism for hosts that exhibit mixed spdy/http r=honzab
97d04250e23c9a0bd2faf449a41955d402aaf95fMats Palmgren — Bug 751227 - Remove nsPresShell::mStackArena, make it a separate stack class. r=roc
66e86db0a10701ddb8883235484a3b8fd63d629eMats Palmgren — Bug 750745 - Allocate nsLineBoxes from their own presshell arena list. part=3/3 r=roc
a9e44cbf62c2b6d474f42557c4538139729faf69Mats Palmgren — Bug 750745 - Introduce AllocateByObjectID/FreeByObjectID for allocating non-frame objects from per-type lists in the PresArena. part=2/3 r=roc
c44e1693ddd915918c3dccd356a633c5297f4b87Mats Palmgren — Bug 750745 - Rename nsPresArena::AllocateByCode/FreeByCode to AllocateByFrameID/FreeByFrameID. part=1/3 r=roc
0db59ddf1920641afb77b625d78109aa2d92a2d2Mats Palmgren — Bug 615112 - Use correct type for a string length. r=bz
12cb1f643adb586511bfc4dced1f98e532d077c6Mats Palmgren — Bug 735641 - No way to deselect image of image document after select all (Ctrl+A). r=bz
0cb419f67ab78e0ea6b657cc02b9a515a7d8adc6Mats Palmgren — Bug 747688. r=roc
38200378d87efe1a5ffb62d6d5e5caf53aa8a190Mats Palmgren — Bug 750066. r=roc
eb125cc302528defed0bc4afde5d22870f4e200fMats Palmgren — Bug 748961 - Flush styles to ensure frames are created. r=smaug,Ms2ger
3b9b9e948dcaf31f4cfca499a0cba82f69f823c4Eric Chou — Backout 4a9ebf972d27 (Bug 730990) because it was checked-in without superreview
7e237e96018f447364cddc97f32bd59d692fca46Brian Nicholson — Bug 750846 - Move thumbnail size logic to Gecko. r=blassey
293d6b7ebf2b10e99b9cda3452916924ec1a550fSteve Fink — Bug 575688 - Implement DataView from Typed Arrays spec. r=Waldo
5c0c60ed0c087b442d2274a822965b4ff00a8ccdSteve Fink — Bug 741039 - Modify TypedArrays and ArrayBuffers to comply with the WebIDL spec. r=Waldo
8d220661ef24c5c62b6d49bbea2efa31750552eeLuke Wagner — Bug 751575 - fix and reenable test_pb_notification_ipc.js (r=jst)
6ead5d74cb036a8b4bf96e9b3cae2395f6157a95Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Rename PropertyTable to ShapeTable, so that the new property representation can use the PropertyTable name in the interim while both representations are compiled but only one is used. r=bhackett
d2f386325659867879be9b9dbb76b173f2f02f1fJeff Walden — Bug 751003 - Move Cell, Chunk, Arena, ArenaHeader, FreeSpan, ChunkInfo, ChunkBitmap, your mom into a new gc/Heap.h header that doesn't have any used-but-not-defined traps for the unwary #include-r. r=billm
bd3e28b8adfbe0f4bf4ad9ba184d5af87155965dJeff Walden — Bug 750907 - Move the marking declarations out of jsgcmark.h and into a header with minimal dependencies. r=billm
3f9893107926aa66e830d23b6a27d5738fd09c34Karl Tomlinson — b=751429 handle modifier changes in periodic synthetic mouse events for drag sources r=roc
5ecd39845edf370bb3d8eeb856c79f2e7ec475f1Karl Tomlinson — b=750061 Put the hidden drag widget in the window group of the source node so that the gtk_grab_add during gtk_drag_begin is effective r=roc
4ead1d72d4991398aa632c29b3253d93db305a81Karl Tomlinson — b=750961 disable motion hints to avoid gdk_event_request_motions unless on Maemo r=roc
8c748caad8e46eda728a20586810a9bf59e5f5ccJohnny Stenback — First part of bug 749392. Stop exposing 'clear' in our shells in preparation of removing the underlying JS_ClearScope() API. r=jwalden
efd031e136eda484cb8915fa9b5480426c26c1ccRyan VanderMeulen — Back out b5fd22efe23d (bug 739740) due to bustage. r=TryFTW
4742910656ad80b9eb3303e7d99b4dac4791f1daOleg Romashin — Bug 751594 - s/ResizeOffscreenFBO/ResizeOffscreenFBOs. r=bgirard
720b32b1ef1e6c4d1359b16a057650011b9c50e0David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 751505 - Better memory cleanup during the test. r=jorendorff,yoric
d6c77d2796c0d1e73efd5ae5afaecfc226aaa3baEhren Metcalfe — Bug 751416 - Remove unused txList[Iterator] methods. r=sicking
f45abf187f288064c37ba5f76632b573947958b6Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 751157 - Reference to non-existing dictionaryGeneric.png in mozapps/extensions/newaddon.css. r=dao
27ade28a07ca24cccd18215f84250ec8fec7ac5dMichael Kaply — Bug 744992 - Do not go into the preview code if it is null. r=benb,jmathies
b5fd22efe23d194b72eea7ff8446e641fcef7435David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 739740 - Export libc constants to JS. r=khuey,glandium
aeea5b83cf89dba073ca078b9528707c9b467505OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 641892 - Support showing multiple popup notification icons at the same time. r=margaret
26738df8a4e08a5474342dcfa36e16b537fb5eebMatt Brubeck — Back out 682bf201edde, ef35ba222ac8, and 6a20cf61289d (bug 750907, bug 751003, bug 751377) because of build failure on a CLOSED TREE
43b2b050af51f23240a204ebed7403c76d2066dcBas Schouten — Bug 738413 - Followup: Move ToIntRect to a Rect class method. r=roc
10cd5a5210f2d814fb121ae6bd61192c4d66742aEhsan Akhgari — Merge from mozilla-central
d32d6823f0afee38f5f21d64d51590198b8b845cBas Schouten — Bug 738413 - Part 3: Fix numerous issues with PushGroupAndCopyBackground. r=roc
f9a0af04be0bfadd6bbb2e3596e189c7428538cdBas Schouten — Bug 738413 - Part 2: Use OpaqueRect API in BasicLayers with non-cairo contexts. r=roc
0187b4f0c50f53461d9d0c05bd43b7bd7296b7bfBas Schouten — Bug 738413 - Part 1: Add OpaqueRect API to Azure DrawTargets. r=roc
6a20cf61289d874d6c415ec3fe35cd10d0e26894Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Rename PropertyTable to ShapeTable, so that the new property representation can use the PropertyTable name in the interim while both representations are compiled but only one is used. r=bhackett
ef35ba222ac871543682ec904de65a87ac7b36bbJeff Walden — Bug 751003 - Move Cell, Chunk, Arena, ArenaHeader, FreeSpan, ChunkInfo, ChunkBitmap, your mom into a new gc/Heap.h header that doesn't have any used-but-not-defined traps for the unwary #include-r. r=billm
682bf201eddec8eb14495895bd1fde0fba04616fJeff Walden — Bug 750907 - Move the marking declarations out of jsgcmark.h and into a header with minimal dependencies. r=billm
c766acdbe3116fe7c02d0578648019fa65fb8f1dJeff Walden — Remove TypeIsUint8Clamped as it's now unused. No bug, r=sparky
8fdb1a8ecde0180dafed7ff59f5908b42b369465Jeff Walden — Pass the raw typed array element by reference when converting it to a Value. Followup to bug 749933 noted by Ms2ger, r=lumpy
d701a77854b1174864477eb170a7fd68493390f3Jeff Walden — Fix bool-to-pointer conversion warnings. Followup to bug 749617, r=themaid
086e419f370a5f7bf0d0a1d7caffebb7ed7eccc5James Willcox — Bug 703056 - Block Flash on Tegra devices r=blassey
1201088e9f5154d2bc3c534053acfc0d4e2d1bc7Doug Sherk — Bug 751539: fix test to avoid timeout r=cpearce
fa7094b8282d5febaa7c3c6192e213f41ac73b7dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 751488 - Can't reload the page after clearing private data. r=mfinkle
cd1e10a767fd3cc011966a0546875ecea3805454Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 555727 - Select clang over llvm-gcc if gcc-4.2 is not available. r=ted.
d6871d8255cca7f2483103f7fd9d0da87c89296bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 683975 - make lib a symlink to lib64.
7315f04e030392d92ac241410ddbaa78611374dbBenoit Jacob — backout b13c1d8d2cda / bug 747619 for build failure (-Werror)
37b78f7e870889a64e00b1056dd59235065df3edBenoit Jacob — Backing out bug 739648 for linux build failure
ade1eb484affcf3621a3acbee2d24c49f58b5329Andreas Gal — Do background image scaling on the GPU. Part 2: Support turning simple background images into image layers (bug 750172, r=roc).
3e92dfd03eb04efb80c15679b35157ebff669c49Andreas Gal — Do background image scaling on the GPU. Part 1: Refactor nsCSSRendering to expose helpers we need in nsDisplayBackground::GetLayerState (bug 750172, r=roc).
2e3b161905cacc2c92d751e1906ffcadcbd0691dJames Willcox — Bug 730890 - Install and run an Android Looper on Gecko main thread r=cjones
ed9e42293a6fd05febdfbeae5e3a56eb4a2b9d3fAndreas Gal — Do image scaling on the GPU (bug 650988, r=roc,cjones).
fc99eb1e232b915bc1bb063f59c2f5bcc92144f6Benoit Jacob — Bug 739648 - WebGL rendering is broken on Android due to tiles being rendered at y-flipped coordinates - r=bgirard
b13c1d8d2cda2861101c658efcac7db4326ef9daBenoit Jacob — Bug 747619 - fix uniform setter validation: allow partial uniform array updates - r=jgilbert
7cd83841136cad341cf947adb82ffd50155a2e6aNicolas Silva — Bug 750498 - Support IPC Thread::SetName on Linux. r=cjones
6ce39c695793a2504b4556d72b3fc25496aff389Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 750507 - Modify robopan to measure jank better. r=jrmuizel
58b4cef7ffcd4f8f567dd2908d31cffd08472afbSteve Fink — Bug 748937 - Switch JSD destroyScript signature from JSContext -> JSFreeOp. r=jorendorff
6d53129e841427db6a3475c13938085d0b4d9dc9Steve Fink — Bug 751396 - Fire slice callbacks only for "outer" GCs. r=billm
3ab010583f6f4167adac8b098b54fe1d0e92f45cSteve Fink — Bug 732255 - Prevent -d option from infecting later xpcshell tests. r=ted
c52b99b9a15daef9df0be7700796f166a4639a27Andrew McCreight — Bug 744103, part 5 - Remove remaining langID things from CC. r=smaug
1d47a68dbe56313d13dcb11c92a2bb094ae38776Andrew McCreight — Bug 744103, part 4 - Remove nsCycleCollectionLanguageRuntime. r=smaug
6b0956a736bc4657d6cac9a6d956a79905648b22Andrew McCreight — Bug 744103, part 3 - Change NoteRoot to NoteJSRoot and NoteNativeRoot. r=smaug
e637e514910b0809004c9d609f982e9756da732dAndrew McCreight — Bug 744103, part 2 - Change NoteScriptChild to NoteJSChild. r=smaug
9fca7e83d16b692c7a4657952d254fd6adc6059cAndrew McCreight — Bug 744103, part 1 - Store nsCycleCollectionJSRuntime separately. r=smaug
18f6006cce7097a10c4a9aefac36c15f4fef5da9Bas Schouten — Bug 751463: Remove Azure from XUL. r=khuey
f099b606dad42159a4bc2b7810f17fdd008f0aecBrian R. Bondy — Bug 751652 - Disable MAR tests when security checks are disabled. r=rstrong
e1a40027dc7e1180ae466215ee8e91c0053d1546Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
751dc7771b2f652f5cf133b61428e66d2989604bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
fe505c461c52b373e81a5b6058734d12c056ad21Jared Wein — merge
d8a01f198883aa7bed4c7d45041adc087dd574d6Jared Wein — Bug 748701 - Crash in nsObjectLoadingContent::IsPluginEnabledForType. r=joshmoz
8dc0742003949116af8314c2b929ac56385eae5aRichard Newman — Bug 718153 - Match Fennec's history URL blacklist. r=liuche, a=blocking-fennec
baa69540739af4de563980272f262d4459fab02cTed Mielczarek — bug 707577 - add fast-package target for mobile/android. r=khuey
db0c14b8d2d84270c16c52298a72664a943a8204Ted Mielczarek — bug 654448 - remove's Typelib.merge, move all the logic into xpt_link (also make it a lot faster). r=khuey
cb5b1d8212fae795ef3ea5f9c91b9fe2e050fb59Ted Mielczarek — bug 654448 - refactor pyxpt to accept file-like objects for Typelib.{read,write}. r=khuey
90d25e0f6c68a34723e3cdd03f98999a07295421Ed Morley — Bug 751575 - Disable test_pb_notification_ipc.js for permafailing in a CPG world; r=jst CLOSED TREE
94913b445e72bcb2c7dac218afae25215334d731Ed Morley — Bug 751505 - Temporarily disable test_finalizer_shouldaccept.js for permaorange after CPG landed; rs=yoric
8e8299ac8830cef1a4c9f0391bac91d43c52bf83Patrick McManus — bug 749839 - apply unexpected server read test only to http pconns r=jduell
02b78dbc753fc0a2322fb21ba1dfd8f6f0c5a6d9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 741367 (Creating second XMLHttpRequest via Components.Constructor throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE): don't overwrite content-defined properties. r=bz.
efa51cd286eeb15e6de5f03d07bfa726993e8cfePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 742156 (Stringifying EventTarget throws): implement a toString method for interface objects. r=bz.
17b552b979d5b07867a9f8a961bf7efcf3186032Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 744772 (Trace the DOM interface object array). r=bz.
94b06a04f17b0da37597cf3e19fa81683e0f08f0Ed Morley — Backout 5a0fe30e6b1a (bug 565274) for M4 test_bug377624.html failures on a CLOSED TREE
47ececd6cb72896d24af7175a11e4efbd14549a7Jan de Mooij — Bug 749663 - Rename isCompileable to isJaegerCompileable. r=bhackett
d9525fcfdd8b55c176dfbbcc20dfe430851f74b4Kai Engert — backout bug 650355, r=wtc
d7271f499b8ba0ce9c0a0303ceff7ba17b2b8e04Stephen Horlander — Bug 751467 - Update the noise.png texture so it tiles more seamlessly. r=dolske
8d79948a80aa8821065a1fe619bcb502a90129f5Marco Castelluccio — Bug 751280 - Remove 2-arg form of xpc_FastGetCachedWrapper. r=bholley
6df779e244c3e2b925b1dacf0d2270d4cc5c3e04Oleg Romashin — Bug 750960 - OMTC: Qt AppShell should use CurrentThread object for event dispatching. r=dougt
e56ddb80b93563e8cc1635c41774545bbfd18044Geoff Brown — Bug 750817 - Do not rely on xpcomlib in netwerk xpcshell tests. r=jduell
7a4373dd60ed7aed8e4a1e508719d1285a3cea7aTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 750447 - Fix libvpx build on platforms without RTCD. r=cpearce
3c8ca7a08274359073d48e2f23ddd9ae86bfb78fOleg Romashin — Bug 750284 - WidgetQt Drag service should be initializing in different threads. r=dougt
483acaa66ef10389d0877587345df6fd9f6207d1Oonishi Atsushi — Bug 750145 - iframe should not inherit LOAD_ERROR_PAGE. r=smaug
b9f8ed5624e034d0cd4c464ec8ece431fbcbf8b8Geoff Brown — Bug 748489 - Provide a writable TMPDIR for android xpcshell tests. r=jmaher
054b137b9dc216d579eb15d2fa1f23408189a3f5Joey Armstrong — Bug 739710 - edits to use mkdir_deps function: file batch #2. r=ted
e8f2963571b483be2cd22ca98b83f208704d2bdcGary Kwong — Bug 736746 - Remove js_IsMathFunction since it was only used in tracer and tracer is long gone. r=billm
38921cd42448ac0c57977ffc474f2be55a243cf9Julian Seward — Bug 733863 - Initialise outparams in callee (LoopState::getEntryValue) rather than at all call points. r=bhackett
d71d3b331f4eb5fc189d82c70681d825f1117274Ralph Giles — Bug 674225 - Add basic mochitests for Opus. r=cpearce
3b150579861ee3ec3a1b76aa2865cfc345284355Ralph Giles — Bug 674225 - Add Opus support to nsOggReader. r=cpearce
5a0fe30e6b1a9822242e9fcd002a6df6f690d645Arnaud Bienner — Bug 565274 - Implement the accept attribute for the form and file upload controls for custom MIME types. r=sicking
d69f1f58581a351a97337ea49327e7bc80b4fc97Johan Charlez — Bug 503370 - Library doesn't handle CTRL+F correctly. r=dao
d8c356534c6a5eab6e9885c1560146979007f7cdOonishi Atsushi — Bug 478927 - Add new test. r=smaug
4f05a7ffcfb3aaeabf141dabb8f32ba3750000eaOonishi Atsushi — Bug 478927 - Add a new flag LOCATION_CHANGE_ERROR_PAGE for onLocationChangeBug. r=smaug, sr=bzbarsky
82ad89c00ec6f70d124a8f4dd0d9c1aee513b72aShriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 150073 - Remove nsCRT:: in nsCRT::strlen(const char *). r=dougt
cda84ca70452c67a0ec6c544f1b1dfaa1f76f2e8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 749645 - Use fallback files in hal/ when a backend isn't implemneted instead of having randomly defined methods. r=cjones
074c8fb332a8bf7642c5a770b01d7dc784404c8fEd Morley — Backout 12d1d626759c (bug 747215), 11b16556248e (bug 738484) for xpcshell failures on all platforms
de5745bce8bcd5c6fd391a77f2ad53c35d4d7d5bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.8 Add tests for KeyboardEvent.location (synthesized events) r=smaug, sr=jst
691e7e02395e751fcdc50cbf5636cf5c3acded48Masayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.7 Add support KeyboardEvent.location on Gonk r=smaug
efa1a19df3e47ed499efdbe4762c497572dfeacbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.6 Add support KeyboardEvent.location on Qt r=smaug
b5a2056342d7af30693db9b2f4367905ac613d54Masayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.5 Add support KeyboardEvent.location on Android r=cpeterson
27b17363e5bac3a9e30fef16e1d7bb04fa4604e9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.4 Add support KeyboardEvent.location on Cocoa r=smichaud
3472062aae7fc89d1bcf6a2dff59eecae39fe0c0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.3 Add support KeyboardEvent.location on GTK r=karlt
1b790392d57048a4bbed1967d4d67077864c76bcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.2 Add support KeyboardEvent.location on Windows r=jimm
03c2b4944d971619601929aa3f8308c6d79552e7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 166240 part.1 Add D3E KeyboardEvent.location r=smaug, sr=jst
a6a335cd2c9436d713fe9fc21861f1009ba69cb2Jonathan Kew — bug 307039 - reftest for Greek small-caps behavior. r=past
5faf400155a402bd8955d19508778f154cf467eaJonathan Kew — bug 307039 - reftest for Greek uppercasing in composed and decomposed forms. r=past
0de4cbfe2217c3c7be5d068b35d6f30f038060bfJonathan Kew — bug 307039 - implement Greek-specific uppercasing for text-transform & small-caps. r=past
47bf5e590a0cacec327d5c28ed22a5e8b258804aJonathan Kew — bug 751129 - ensure the font list is updated if necessary before accessing metrics. r=roc
12d1d626759c49c0e75c5621f719296b3662538aJason Duell — Bug 747215 - Ensure redirect pathways always call both OnStart/OnStopRequest. r=biesi
11b16556248eb0811b15b33ae1372eb2602a65f3Jason Duell — Bug 738484: part 2: fix missing onStartRequest calls for some failed redirects. r=mcmanus
400c2b30015d910eea3726f1ea7baafc327cad67Luke Wagner — Bug 720753 - hoist EvalCache from JSCompartment into JSRuntime (r=igor)
9148e0a140364a2f3558100b9c3e33913e1c3251Luke Wagner — Bug 720753 - hoist ToSourceCache from JSCompartment into JSRuntime (r=cdleary)
8d2ae5e002951683565edda60192b65e6a969777Luke Wagner — Bug 720753 - hoist NativeIterCache from JSCompartment into JSRuntime (r=bhackett)
6005ea04a5c7ebd620010a4ecea53fa5188f37a5Luke Wagner — Bug 720753 - hoist NewObjectCache from JSCompartment into JSRuntime (r=bhackett)
f4dc271213a4a7d55dbd58a5bfd564c606954c36Luke Wagner — Bug 720753 - hoist JaegerCompartment and MathCache from JSCompartment into JSRuntime (r=bhackett,njn)
78445ab314a445a66a810594ea525bd526bca3e8Luke Wagner — Bug 720753 - hoist scriptFilenameTable from JSCompartment into JSRuntime (r=igor)
bed8c4e3dfdf78fa58758f9c7bf667f4403f05c1Luke Wagner — Bug 650353 - Implement Compartment-Per-Global in XPConnect. r=mrbkap
2654f79e0e843ef759ff46ffb97747756ec41873Luke Wagner — Bug 722775 - rm sameGroupAs. r=mrbkap
a25ce1b3edf8e2a00bebf44567e1fc4a29d17fdaKyle Huey — Bug 750183 - Don't nuke chrome->chrome cross-compartment wrappers. r=bholley
ac00c792933ef60119b6bfca92d6ff6f11dff05dAryeh Gregor — Bug 748313 part 2 - Always try to use CSS values, even for collapsed selections; r=ehsan
76570252700f396222c666d9d19ca1cce6e6832fAryeh Gregor — Bug 748313 part 1 - Remove unused argument to nsHTMLEditor::IsTextPropertySetByContent; r=ehsan
42c372c2f7493b79f79c58150b5531d23e74ca61Aryeh Gregor — Bug 746915 part 2 - Move layout/reftests/editor/ to editor/reftests/; r=dbaron
4bce31c59259dfa380c6fb93e4cc50bc3e3b29ddAryeh Gregor — Bug 746915 part 1 - Move editing-related tests to editor/ directories; r=ehsan
f5a3a7b9c6b046af8bec742816a970ab58320764Landry Breuil — Bug 691898 - Use YARR regexp interpreter instead of PCRE on platforms where YARR JIT is not supported r=dmandelin
5338f60cc0005be010f290184c489b9f53ed35b8Mike Hommey — Bug 561973 - Install js shell when running make install from js/src. r=jimb
2408bf119fbf795186bc2e57309fa3bdbc5c4017Mike Hommey — Bug 749533 - Add support for GNU/kFreeBSD and Hurd in SKIA. r=bjacob
400bb4853ff36956760883a182804256e776ceafMike Hommey — Bug 749530 - Import atomicops_internals_mips_gcc.h from protobuf. r=cjones
4b4f59ac01ac2240dcd4e736084327cebbd72d9bMike Hommey — Bug 736564 - Ship mozglue and jemalloc libraries in the SDK. r=bsmedberg,r=ted
77bf50b33a056c78879afac18b606c69d770067aNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; compile OGL shaders lazily. r=BenWa
0c6adccfeb415dc4997f874e9af1efc505d9bf88Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; some tweaks to reftests. r=roc
0b27def0885edf117f8d45ce8269cb31bf9b12cdNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; shadow layer support. r=BenWa
44708c07084e578e910666b3cd4972d4a348d331Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; change build process to genshaders statically. r=BenWa
01b9dc47a6c49a217cf46f3acda05fa0316aa26fNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; using mask layers in OGL. r=BenWa
f248836433c5b6dbf10a002a6b9aee0222eb13e2Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; load a mask texture in the OGL backend. r=BenWa
10263ce3532a772c551b0844907c29f337da2fbfNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; managing mask layer shaders in OpenGL. r=BenWa
76d50f302206b1cc51df0a9084e36c95bf85f801Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; changes to glContext. r=BenWa
e286076d78b731187bd6f6d316617b7ab10517f9Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; shaders for OpenGL mask layers. r=BenWa
01ac1ce7d926c2d622fa76a763b56896e2a12fedNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; shaders for the dx9 backend. r-Bas
bc33273a36ccbbbe4a4dbbed0deb7084b3f45819Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; c++ support for the shaders and textures for dx9 backend. r-Bas
82ad8aacc6695fbed8d22288fcd2f7d99b52873cNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; using masks in each of the dx9 backend layers. r-Bas
d2eefdb6f9d40047489d049b544f49c56e557057Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716438; using flags to select a shader. r=Bas
16f39df9be8b5d7b373827e7a4a8ff8bd0f10bbaNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; dx10 shaders for mask layers. r=Bas
30336485e3c98738a112cdc4d93c11bc499d7a73Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; Using mask layer shaders in DX10. r=Bas
563f352362d72816407ee377bb2dd19f3cceaf3cNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; Loading a mask layer to textures in DX10. r=Bas
c3dace261181539b8d09ceb8899b959ca33f1f3cNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; backend of the mask layers system for basic layers (software). r=roc
f7b8deeb0cc4bd1c4ea592d192dfaf3ea681aa81Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; creating mask layers. r=roc
3ca533ac7dddb6b71ff7279155341aebca787ad8Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; remove a check for rounded rects to enable the use of mask layers. r=roc
a346891ea6db216cfa2fb7f4875aa301c8b3de93Nicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; recycling mask layers. r=roc
8bb9fcabf53c6ecca2ec8856feb7a1012d982b4fNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; User data for mask layers. r=roc
f3443acc097c781b10680dd5ee68007e44eec74bNicholas Cameron — Bug 716439; mask layer - member, getter, setter, dumping. r=roc
423015379a53dfbf4bd6cce63893f89442ed1c09Nicholas Cameron — Bug 733894; changing the framework for representing shaders in the OGL
d65f0c082b1bf67cc025be574ba010409c619197Nicholas Cameron — Bug 733892; block reverting to the null last chance expception handler. r=ehsan
c608de1b6a53c6c0f88ed8a9648dacae886cd0c5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 751428 - Remove spaces and catch errors when localizing role names. r=davidb
b918ae1dd5ef42836ef85d1e4c28ddddb574d139Eitan Isaacson — Bug 749812 - Add AccessFu text editing feedback. r=tbsaunde
7b46c7fc91a4fd6525169a9cbd89d29cf714dcd1Eitan Isaacson — Bug 747272 - Filter out whitespace text leaves. r=surkov
5368d38c9f8fce8fe7d06e3579e2ddc7627dbd3aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 748983. Fix the instanceof behavior for new bindings in situations where we don't need a custom hasInstance hook. r=peterv
3c35768445119d3eb1a86293e73158576c94dafcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 742217. Reduce the use of nested namespaces in our binding code. r=peterv,bent
82531cc259b3e90eebc526d553ddd8a97ba13de0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 749075. Part 2: Skip the guts of Accumulate if we're adding a display item in an area of the layer that's already opaque and visible. r=mattwoodrow
ec2bba7d11b47a77c7dae1f2f2f2b74240487db3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 749075. Part 1: Refactor the nsDisplayItem API for testing whether the item needs to be rendered to a transparent surface. r=mattwoodrow
1863228248eb66e54e4aa83ff967ce5c0505f40aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 653994. Avoid trying to paint plugin widgets in the case where a plugin fails to subclass our window. r=bsmedberg
298c5504def8e3277ec488867350cb732def9acfMax Li — Bug 748601 - nsMaiInterfaceText.cpp should check internal role not atk role, r=tbsaunde, f=surkov
e18b59be7262dbededb7e1393b750603647df666Landry Breuil — Bug 750853 - Remove trailing comma at end of enumerator list, breaks build on OpenBSD, r=hub
03ca8a717fd48883682b652eafe0ce7a60af43d0Max Li — Bug 750196 - remove ROLE_SYSTEM_ definitions, r=eitan
24f9b828d28a9ed6a6c356864f520461e463d76aMax Li — Bug 750193 - get rid useless DEBUG_A11Y code, r=eitan
5aa794f7d5cd76623ecfa34fc25a2a2bc31e189aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 184013 - Add a .gdbinit containing useful debugging macros to the tree so that it is found automagically; r=jimb
cc91f155491b6cf8f83713bbe414e9a023027182Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 751611 - Add mozconfig files for building Win32 binaries on our Win64 bit platforms; r=khuey
2db9df42823df471edd755e996267e7163bf09d5Gregory Szorc — Bug 749957; r=rnewman
c045085c0436cf1ef4c4a4447c54b24e7894501eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 670514 - LNK file test for Windows share security. r=bz
60613f18435b3f3da1a997b6c228bf339004bbaaBrian R. Bondy — Bug 670514 - Arbitrary File + Directory read via .lnk files on Windows Share. r=bz
a0356446a56a2e98d5aaf6c12aa3d826408688eeJonathan Griffin — Bug 751403 - Use window.navigator instead of just navigator in telephony tests, r=mdas, a=b2g-only, npotb
5be71aa88a163df3f3de490d737dec12562a3b34Ali Juma — Bug 748048 - Part 2: Don't restrict invalidation to the widget's boundaries on Android. r=roc
3e391f4c1bcbc8691a3a9f68ff15d90d1091bb59Ali Juma — Bug 748048 - Part 1: Remove SetInvalidationDimensions and GetInvalidationDimensions. r=roc
82fad02b755a613ce6733d408b97187afd00a3abOlli Pettay — Bug 751561 - Call forgetSkippable at least twice before CC, r=mccr8
625cac524c5719f3e110e4e44c90c880bd667e1aHonza Bambas — Bug 745254, r=kaie
55888632fa91a28d1694739877c3891b29497b4fMatt Brubeck — Bug 750051 - Disable window.find in Fennec because it breaks and/or crashes [r=jst]
b4d2343fff9d5bfef28dcb2a00c6358cc65a4d30Olli Pettay — Bug 751286 - eventPhase NONE constant, r=sicking