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Sun Jan 11 17:56:41 2015 +0000
062050b11b10c12fa54246f3080db4595916e34aVictor Porof — Bug 1119927 - Small UI changes for the timeline marker details in the new perf too, r=jsantell
ec51aa2aaefd02b5fd15c12890f5abfcdebe546eVictor Porof — Bug 1119243 - The LineGraph should always show the gutter, even if arrows are disabled for tooltips, r=jsantell
8f5999879de82c176ef9d90a43ddb67b7834e046Victor Porof — Bug 1119242 - Show the framerate graph underneath the markers overview, r=jsantell
3c5a88aaae96aa0f1cc464e0d019023057d89e11Victor Porof — Bug 1119234 - FlameGraph initially selects only half of the profile on retina displays, r=jsantell