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Tue Jun 14 13:08:19 2011 +0000
8f822ccd9a32e90e223d5b5b03de540637d3a251Jonathan Watt — Bug 663371 - Make default to appending reftest.list to the test path when only a test directory is specified. r=ted.
1b11c64ffcdf0c072943a5a686aab73deb395ad0Ms2ger — Bug 659053 - Followup, change PRUint16 to PRBool; r=sicking
9ea784903fdffeae0939bfa46c01ca9ce1907ca1Jonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 4: Use nsINode::NodeType where possible. r=bz
3daac40be649607cbb75188c07a7f0cc444c9a1fJonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 3: Use nsINode::NodeName where possible. Remove the now unused mQualifiedNameCorrectedCase. r=bz,peterv
e297fa2153871b34f54b837886119cc884865f19Jonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 2: Create nsINode::NodeType/NodeName/LocalName and make them non-virtual. r=bz
0b2885da5bae8384d38fcbc5ef2683167e7eba4eJonas Sicking — Bug 659539 Part 1: Give nsINodeInfos a nodeType, nodeName and localName. r=bz
f4ff8d137c1f710d227d693b40b0c054bdebcb96Jonas Sicking — Bug 659053 Part 2: Implement a faster non-recursive Node.isEqualNode directly on nsINode. r=peterv
9c49f69d8babec08fa813867243c7a62b0fec42bJonas Sicking — Bug 659053 Part 1: Merge nsIDOM3Node into nsIDOMNode. Also removes Node.getFeature. r=peterv
4e1b20229d4d5d08dfc41eae8dc8c40555dccda3Jonas Sicking — Bug 663749: Remove load-event-listening code from nsXMLHttpRequest. r=smaug
c0e225533110b03bde551959370a7bf7969c80edRodd Zurcher — Bug 663955 - Instead of decoding twice, use gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info to get the image width and height; then if either is larger than 180, call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size, otherwise call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file. r=roc
cdb2ccff9107bef7bd930622c3591ecf310820e9Geoff Lankow — Bug 536503 - Fix for test
09428adfd4a838f2bbc29813b9cca2082ae7b0eaJosh Matthews — Bug 663893 - Avoid null dereferences in websocket handler. r=mcmanus
436671b3bee7d586449330a470664b029042bd01Ehsan Akhgari — Back out Dao's push because of build bustage
6eb2bcc24f7621ec8bad4636dcdd1976b6e197b8Rodd Zurcher — Bug 663955 - Instead of decoding twice, use gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info to get the image width and height; then if either is larger than 180, call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size, otherwise call gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file. r=roc
142532172c8c7caaf9b6638830ef9b8dfbd42390Geoff Lankow — Bug 536503 - Fix for test
0715dd3bbfb88bbf4b1e33287fbe8e6bef50757bJosh Matthews — Bug 663893 - Avoid null dereferences in websocket handler. r=mcmanus
835e77ad4384f0861c1a782a67bd42367f4e8994Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662023 - Remove ActiveX embedding API part 2: rm /embedding/activex/ r=bsmedberg
1242a6da834326a35ce5e881b9fabf7ebcc6798cMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662023 - Remove ActiveX embedding API part 1: remove support from the build system. r=bsmedberg
65936325f47f35517502200161f71b43ec7d6905Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662000 part 2: Remove XPC_IDISPATCH_SUPPORT from the build-system and XPConnect. r=mrbkap
d115405d4e0b244422336e5cebfff04003f79c01Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 662000 part 1: Remove interfaces and tests. r=mrbkap
060127d32405ec7da605e8f2b2e87073f569dd84Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
078113c739638fe8b1291c6e62cc448ae5b3db57Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660525 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatString (prev cset lacked the code changes) r=joedrew!
b65e22bc0c281612fedfc8f9b6f575a55c34d440Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660525 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlatString r=joedrew!
f68c52f253e77c3787ccf05412490d9916b3009bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 660536 Remove useless uses of PromiseFlat(C)String r=smaug
10f50879c454482c0dbf5e9057d0a09b7afc0d54Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660535 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatCString r=cjones
3d68f32c68b74f632f95eaad1ab4433f50fe7473Neil Rashbrook — Bug 660534 Remove useless use of PromiseFlatCString r=joedrew!
b3e5dd43281f0d89acf5a0b27119c1cd51407932Daniel Holbert — Bug 654858: Fix float-to-nscoord rounding issue in SVG intrinsic ratio, with certain GCC versions & optimizations. r=roc
f0835b66ef3031bf6b0061f7d46996607f780a28Pardal Freudenthal — Bug 663592: fix typo in about:permissions, r=margaret
5e3cf50377aaf8066bb42b89c6d5e65ee42a7c25Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset dc3780dd8a43 (bug 311007). Going to change onLocationChange instead of adding onLocationChange2.
d1d6d8d0123164160dceb636b2d0ab51492576abEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
a7e6be787ed5e9c4042c1493006dfff25c71c74fRobert Strong — Bug 661784 - Make sure that the nsITimer variable doesn't get garbage collected causing the updater tests to fail intermittently; r=ehsan
9a1fe983d1d78803e8fc1eae44043d5ee0421fdbMatt Brubeck — Bug 663959 - Mark crashtests as asserting intermittently [r=ehsan]
b44b26309f296f8992bc76085eaa1b4a25aa74e4Wes Johnston — Bug 663861 - Allow changing between themes. r=mfinkle
b36ae2b20ae11aac9aa00698b5ec966d3164bbb0Wes Johnston — Bug 663023 - Cache getDPI calls. r=mbrubeck
0321e356992180c12b0704397a1208fbf29bd2a9Andrew McCreight — Bug 655089 - change CC_KIND macro to a function to avoid double call; r=mrbkap
dcd56c5311ac40f7ce78d29467dbab81f6aea700Ehsan Akhgari — Backout bug 655703 because it may not be the right choice from the accessibility perspective
17219648b6290190b670e632b5f9d2cc8b5a1093Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 661910 since it may have broken Mac XULRunner builds.
10ead84e676a61a527d8c87ccc3f0314d06d5405Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 5bb18a13d2b9
872ae1cef345d327035bbc56249c251d2aaeb568Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey.
49cfb12c22253d41a7a52da95830f5bdce56ab0eDaniel Holbert — Bug 662086: Convert recently-added comment in jsval.h to be C-style, to fix build warning. r=mrbkap DONTBUILD
e39bcd6cba32834bb2162aecee03c68507591071Chris Leary — Bug 660453: Proper regexp bytecode deallocation. (r=dmandelin)
215f8773178afacfc7c0ffa3be6017a4ddd47e6aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 662963 - Add JSString::charsHeapSize(). r=luke.
ed6d1f5ffed8506517e1b286f12df3ee305842b0Jim Blandy — Bug 599764: Define jsval in terms of a type we control, not a type defined, depending on circumstances, by either NSPR or our own headers. r=luke
af341b267feec46e9da31a6befb52e9dd88580cfJim Blandy — Bug 662836: Don't require JS_EvaluateUCScriptInStackFrame to be able to extend call objects that the bytecode compiler didn't expect to be extensible. r=dvander
763b64b88b5921547f333b5597f8aeb8c0cd89a1Makoto Kato — Backed out changeset c25968f1f4f0
c25968f1f4f0524b49d5db2c72fbd43e1696786bMakoto Kato — Bug 635617 - 64-bit crash [@ MakeDay]. r=jwalden
d6321d3a7dd729417cc1260305f51781648bafc1Kyle Huey — Fix MSVC warning.
561b7ff795233901b299cf04ab95e5e9238548f1Blake Kaplan — Bug 662114 - Don't use DummyFrameGuard directly to avoid Windows DLL-linkage warnings. r=luke
8d21b9711d6b69d7c3916e5f36f62e346bf78e8cBrendan Eich — Strict mode early error (strict option warning) on assignment to declared const (383902, r=jwalden).
22d6d8748ee798e7206298bdbd9b4915f75138d7Steve Fink — Bug 637393 - Give JSScript control over the lifetime of JSPCCounters, to allow freeing with cx (r=dmandelin)
e5b92c2bdd2d82fb25b09299641eb368238b6facSteve Fink — Bug 637393 - Add a -D option to the shell to disassemble all scripts, with per-op per-runmode execution counts, at shutdown
94330efacb8bf85b29c0fcf4ff5b67472b9f4cf5Steve Fink — Bug 637393 - Add JS_DumpProfile, JS_DumpAllProfiles to disassemble one or all scripts' along with execution counts of each op
8967b946dbf18aa0a1d5e607788c5b5a38b86ba7Steve Fink — Bug 637393 - Add an option to count number of executions of each JSOp, broken down by "run mode" (method JIT/trace JIT/interpreter)
fd805dbc154c49345e21b37bb56447e43de6d61dJeff Walden — Add a RangedPtr constructor accepting an array as a shorthand for RangedPtr(arr, N). rs=luke
bb9e5496b0aca48c09052c1342e4c4351a8ede87Luke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 4 - Simplify stack code, keep track of native calls, create new iterator over native/scripted callstack, make JS_SaveFrameChain fallible (r=waldo,mrbkap)
8ab0930a7b83055c6dbe8d3f02686e359fdd7d94Luke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 3 - Syntactic touchups (r=waldo)
780888b1548c466af16367727306004bdbd5609eLuke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 2 - Merge ContextStack::get* and push* operations (r=waldo)
9cdb856cf910745a5f07850e86111a6a392e9e39Luke Wagner — Bug 656462, part 1 - Remove StackSegment::initialVarObj (r=waldo)
e3e54ff584a82cd05544d7e8828bac32ab06c7edJeff Walden — Bug 662001 - Use RangedPtr<T> in one location outside js/src/ to verify that mfbt/RangedPtr.h is usable by non-JS code. r=bz
e6eb095ca758a469b98092b60df0861a116a6da3Jeff Walden — Bug 662001 - Move js::RangeCheckedPointer<T> to mozilla::RangedPtr<T>, make it no longer implicitly convert to T*, and adjust users accordingly. r=cjones
ef4d79fc60c0edb04ab6230f213a868e8bc95175Jeff Walden — Bug 657367 - Don't attempt to use the JSON parser to fast-path eval if the eval code contains either U+2028 or U+2029, which JSON permits within strings but which JavaScript doesn't permit in strings. (In case you missed it, this means that there's no subset relationship between JavaScript and JSON. (!)) r=njn
b71f5419e37a43fb3b04e156fc830e5dc5665dc3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 645598 - Trim last bits of fat from the scanner, part 3 of 3. r=jwalden.
3bae9deeb9b4a00a1495de94f431e7b9d60c6dc3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 645598 - Trim last bits of fat from the scanner, part 2 of 3. r=jwalden.
0fd30fdb7a6bc67ea0a216d82b0b9551e773d78aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 645598 - Trim last bits of fat from the scanner, part 1 of 3. r=jwalden.
cc612a118e7c0cd3a64dd7123a9ab8876efc7d8fPaul Biggar — Bug 660681: Add NULL check to LeaveFunction (r=jimb)
f1d0cfb6673f41c87eb929ef2c0f0da7f0203706Paul Biggar — Bug 660670: Report an error on OOM in Parser::analyzeFunction (r=jimb)
29b7c7a1450656fef4a86e6295f8da446efa1f3bPaul Biggar — Bug 660638: Add NULL check to Compiler::compileScript (r=jwalden)
ce4a984d43dce1fe3e9fdd9c204e814857f44ce2David Mandelin — Bug 662165: fix MSVC warning
Fri Jun 10 00:52:54 2011 +0000
9b43783ab8ec57f576a4bcc27b58287404f9a114Robert Strong — backing out Bug 661784 since it didn't help