created 2008-10-10 17:04 +0200
pushed unknown
Arpad Borsos Arpad Borsos - Bug 456388 - Remove PR_STATIC_CALLBACK and PR_CALLBACK(_DECL) from the tree; r+sr=brendan
created 2008-10-01 12:01 +0900
pushed unknown
John Daggett John Daggett - Bug 441473. Implement user font set object. r+sr=roc
created 2008-04-06 03:12 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 423270. Make gfxTextRunWordCache handle cases where a space and another character combine to form a ligature. r=vlad
created 2008-03-11 00:04 -0700
pushed unknown
karlt+ karlt+ - Bug 421955. combining mark at start of text run rendered as NUL hex box or garbage. r=roc, a1.9=damons
created 2008-03-03 18:30 -0800
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 416637. There might be some skipped characters before standalone combining marks at the start of a textrun. r=vlad
created 2008-02-17 15:29 -0800
pushed unknown
karlt+ karlt+ - back out gfxFontGroup::MakeTextRun with individual words. b=416725, due to performance regression on Windows.
created 2008-02-17 13:43 -0800
pushed unknown
karlt+ karlt+ - gfxFontGroup::MakeTextRun with individual words. b=416725, r=roc
created 2008-01-28 09:35 -0800
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 410728. gfxTextRunWordCache should not cache words that start with a combining mark (words whose first character clusters with a preceding space). r=vlad
created 2008-01-26 16:44 -0800
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Backing out 410728 to fix Windows orange
created 2008-01-26 14:50 -0800
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 410728. Detect words that start with a combining mark, and don't cache them. r=vlad
created 2008-01-20 17:23 -0800
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 412859. Some code to dump the contents of the textrun word cache. debug only. r=pavlov
created 2007-11-15 17:43 -0800
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 403589. Fuse memory allocations in gfxTextRun. r=pavlov
created 2007-10-11 21:22 -0700
pushed unknown
reed reed - Bug 386065 - "legend {font-size:0;} still shows the text ( mainpage)" [ (Chris Pearce) r+sr=roc a=blocking1.9+]
created 2007-09-03 20:40 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 394384. Fix accounting error when tracking the number of times a textrun is referenced from the word cache. debug-only. r+a=pavlov
created 2007-08-26 16:44 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 390234. Coalesce glyph runs after sorting them, gets them into the canonical form. Also add debug code to help track down textrun-cache related crashers. r=vlad
created 2007-07-26 02:47 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 387969. Use CSS 'text-rendering' property to control text quality. r=pavlov,r+sr=bzbarsky
created 2007-07-13 01:09 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 387867. Rename DISABLE_LIGATURES to DISABLE_OPTIONAL_LIGATURES and make the ATSUI code only disable optional ligatures. r=pavlov
created 2007-07-08 00:08 -0700
pushed unknown
jwalden jwalden - Bug 348748 - Replace all instances of NS_STATIC_CAST and friends with C++ casts (and simultaneously bitrot nearly every patch in existence). r=bsmedberg on the script that did this. Tune in next time for Macro Wars: Episode II: Attack on the LL_* Macros.
created 2007-07-05 22:52 -0700
pushed unknown
smontagu smontagu - Add an mIsRTL flag to the textrun word cache hash key. Bug 386339, r+sr=roc
created 2007-07-04 20:05 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 386804. Make 'cache not empty' assertion into a warning. r=vlad
created 2007-07-03 20:39 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 385423. Refactor textrun cache so that all textrun clients use a single global word-based cache. Responsibility for stripping out problematic characters (e.g. newlines) is given to the word cache. r=vlad,smontagu
created 2007-06-20 12:49 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 385123. Don't insert spaces after holes while we build a textrun. r=vlad
created 2007-06-12 13:56 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 384100. Implement word-based textrun cache. r=vlad
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