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Bug 1136301 - Null check for mCert->slot added in destructorSafeDestroyNSSReference & MarkForPermDeletion. Formatting update in MarkForPermDeletion. r=keeler

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIUTF8StringEnumerator;
interface nsIStreamListener;
interface nsISupports;

 * A channel interface which allows special handling of encoded content

[scriptable, uuid(29c29ce6-8ce4-45e6-8d60-36c8fa3e255b)]
interface nsIEncodedChannel : nsISupports
     * This attribute holds the MIME types corresponding to the content
     * encodings on the channel.  The enumerator returns nsISupportsCString
     * objects.  The first one corresponds to the outermost encoding on the
     * channel and then we work our way inward.  "identity" is skipped and not
     * represented on the list.  Unknown encodings make the enumeration stop.
     * If you want the actual Content-Encoding value, use
     * getResponseHeader("Content-Encoding").
     * When there is no Content-Encoding header, this property is null.
     * Modifying the Content-Encoding header on the channel will cause
     * this enumerator to have undefined behavior.  Don't do it.
     * Also note that contentEncodings only exist during or after OnStartRequest.
     * Calling contentEncodings before OnStartRequest is an error.
    readonly attribute nsIUTF8StringEnumerator contentEncodings;

     * This attribute controls whether or not content conversion should be
     * done per the Content-Encoding response header.  applyConversion can only 
     * be set before or during OnStartRequest.  Calling this during 
     * OnDataAvailable is an error. 
     * TRUE by default.
    attribute boolean applyConversion;

     * This function will start converters if they are available.
     * aNewNextListener will be nullptr if no converter is available.
    void doApplyContentConversions(in nsIStreamListener aNextListener,
                                   out nsIStreamListener aNewNextListener,
                                   in nsISupports aCtxt);