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//include protocol PCompositor;
include protocol PLayer;
include protocol PRenderFrame;

include "IPC/ShadowLayerUtils.h";

using gfx3DMatrix;
using gfxRGBA;
using nsIntPoint;
using nsIntRect;
using nsIntRegion;
using nsIntSize;
using mozilla::GraphicsFilterType;
using mozilla::layers::FrameMetrics;
using mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptorX11;
using mozilla::null_t;
using mozilla::WindowsHandle;

 * The layers protocol is spoken between thread contexts that manage
 * layer (sub)trees.  The protocol comprises atomically publishing
 * layer subtrees to a "shadow" thread context (which grafts the
 * subtree into its own tree), and atomically updating a published
 * subtree.  ("Atomic" in this sense is wrt painting.)

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

// Create a shadow layer for |layer|
struct OpCreateThebesLayer     { PLayer layer; };
struct OpCreateContainerLayer  { PLayer layer; };
struct OpCreateImageLayer      { PLayer layer; };
struct OpCreateColorLayer      { PLayer layer; };
struct OpCreateCanvasLayer     { PLayer layer; };

struct SurfaceDescriptorD3D10 {
  WindowsHandle handle;

union SurfaceDescriptor {

struct YUVImage {
  Shmem Ydata;
  Shmem Udata;
  Shmem Vdata;
  nsIntRect picture;

union SharedImage {

struct ThebesBuffer {
  SurfaceDescriptor buffer;
  nsIntRect rect;
  nsIntPoint rotation; 
union OptionalThebesBuffer { ThebesBuffer; null_t; };

union CanvasSurface {

// Change a layer's attributes
struct CommonLayerAttributes {
  nsIntRegion visibleRegion;
  gfx3DMatrix transform;
  PRUint32 contentFlags;
  float opacity;
  bool useClipRect;
  nsIntRect clipRect;
  bool useTileSourceRect;
  nsIntRect tileSourceRect;
  bool isFixedPosition;

struct ThebesLayerAttributes {
  nsIntRegion validRegion;
struct ContainerLayerAttributes{ FrameMetrics metrics; };
struct ColorLayerAttributes    { gfxRGBA color; };
struct CanvasLayerAttributes   { GraphicsFilterType filter; };
struct ImageLayerAttributes    { GraphicsFilterType filter; };

union SpecificLayerAttributes {

struct LayerAttributes {
  CommonLayerAttributes common;
  SpecificLayerAttributes specific;

struct OpSetLayerAttributes {
  PLayer layer;
  LayerAttributes attrs;

// Monkey with the tree structure
struct OpSetRoot      { PLayer root; };
struct OpInsertAfter  { PLayer container; PLayer childLayer; PLayer after; };
struct OpAppendChild  { PLayer container; PLayer childLayer; };
struct OpRemoveChild  { PLayer container; PLayer childLayer; };

// Paint (buffer update)
struct OpPaintThebesBuffer {
  PLayer layer;
  ThebesBuffer newFrontBuffer;
  nsIntRegion updatedRegion;

struct OpPaintCanvas  {
  PLayer layer;
  CanvasSurface newFrontBuffer;
  bool needYFlip;

struct OpPaintImage  {
  PLayer layer;
  SharedImage newFrontBuffer;

// A unit of a changeset; a set of these comprise a changeset
union Edit {




// Replies to operations
struct OpBufferSwap   { PLayer layer; CanvasSurface newBackBuffer; };

struct OpImageSwap { PLayer layer; SharedImage newBackImage; };

struct OpThebesBufferSwap {
  PLayer layer;
  OptionalThebesBuffer newBackBuffer;
  nsIntRegion newValidRegion;
  // If the parent took the child's old back buffer and returned its
  // old front buffer, |readOnlyFrontBuffer| may (if non-null) contain
  // the child's old back buffer (parent's new front buffer).  This
  // buffer can be used to read back the newly updated region into the
  // child's new back buffer.  This buffer must be considered
  // read-only, but sadly that's not enforced.
  OptionalThebesBuffer readOnlyFrontBuffer;
  nsIntRegion frontUpdatedRegion;

// Unit of a "changeset reply".  This is a weird abstraction, probably
// only to be used for buffer swapping.
union EditReply {

sync protocol PLayers {
  manager PRenderFrame /*or PCompositor or PMedia or PPlugin*/;
  manages PLayer;

  async PLayer();

  sync Update(Edit[] cset)
    returns (EditReply[] reply);

  async __delete__();

} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla