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Bug 676465 - Replace PRBool with boolean in IDL files, r=bsmedberg

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<title>Simple html page</title>
<h1>Simple html page</h1>

Here is a <a href="">link to the</a> page.
Here is some <u>underlined and <b>bold</b>ened</u>ified text
plus some &lt;angle bracket entities&gt;.

Here is a line ending with a space
followed by a line break.
Plaintext output should contain only one space (and no line breaks) between "space" and "followed".

Here is a <em>list</em>:

<li>An item</li>
<li>A nested ordered list:</li>
    <li>item one</li>
    <li>item two</li>
<li>last item</li>

<p>Here is a paragraph after the list.</p>

Here is a blockquote:
The quick brown fox
jumped over
the lazy dog