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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "gfxidltypes.idl"
#include "gfxIFormats.idl"

interface gfxIImageFrame;
interface imgIContainerObserver;

 * gfxIImageContainer interface
 * @author Stuart Parmenter <>
 * @version 0.2
 * @see "gfx2"
[scriptable, uuid(a4e9df32-f5d7-479f-9082-70e1fead23d5)]
interface imgIContainer : nsISupports
   * "Disposal" method indicates how the image should be handled before the
   *  subsequent image is displayed.
   *  Don't change these without looking at the implementations using them,
   *  struct gif_struct::disposal_method and gif_write() in particular.
  const long kDisposeClearAll         = -1; // Clear the whole image, revealing
                                            // what was there before the gif displayed
  const long kDisposeNotSpecified     =  0; // Leave frame, let new frame draw on top
  const long kDisposeKeep             =  1; // Leave frame, let new frame draw on top
  const long kDisposeClear            =  2; // Clear the frame's area, revealing bg
  const long kDisposeRestorePrevious  =  3; // Restore the previous (composited) frame
   * "Blend" method indicates how the current image is combined with the
   * previous image.
  const long kBlendSource             =  0; // All color components of the frame, including alpha, 
                                            // overwrite the current contents of the frame's 
                                            // output buffer region
  const long kBlendOver               =  1; // The frame should be composited onto the output buffer 
                                            // based on its alpha, using a simple OVER operation
   * Create a new \a aWidth x \a aHeight sized image container.
   * @param aWidth The width of the container in which all the
   *               gfxIImageFrame children will fit.
   * @param aHeight The height of the container in which all the
   *                gfxIImageFrame children will fit.
   * @param aObserver Observer to send animation notifications to.
  void init(in PRInt32 aWidth,
            in PRInt32 aHeight,
            in imgIContainerObserver aObserver);

  /* this should probably be on the device context (or equiv) */
  readonly attribute gfx_format preferredAlphaChannelFormat;

   * The width of the container rectangle.
  readonly attribute PRInt32 width;

   * The height of the container rectangle.
  readonly attribute PRInt32 height;

   * Get the current frame that would be drawn if the image was to be drawn now
  readonly attribute gfxIImageFrame currentFrame;

  readonly attribute unsigned long numFrames;

   * Animation mode Constants
   *   0 = normal
   *   1 = don't animate
   *   2 = loop once
  const short kNormalAnimMode   = 0;
  const short kDontAnimMode     = 1;
  const short kLoopOnceAnimMode = 2;

  attribute unsigned short animationMode;

  gfxIImageFrame getFrameAt(in unsigned long index);

   * Adds \a item to the end of the list of frames.
   * @param item frame to add.
  void appendFrame(in gfxIImageFrame item);

  /* notification when the current frame is done decoding */
  void endFrameDecode(in unsigned long framenumber);
  /* notification that the entire image has been decoded */
  void decodingComplete();
  void startAnimation();

  void stopAnimation();

  void resetAnimation();

   * number of times to loop the image.
   * @note -1 means forever.
  attribute long loopCount;

  /* Methods to discard uncompressed images and restore them again */
  [noscript] void setDiscardable(in string aMimeType);
  [noscript] void addRestoreData([array, size_is(aCount), const] in char data,
                                 in unsigned long aCount);
  [noscript] void restoreDataDone();