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#ifndef nsPSPrinters_h___
#define nsPSPrinters_h___

#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "prtypes.h"

class nsCUPSShim;

class nsPSPrinterList {

         * Is the PostScript module enabled or disabled?
         * @return true if enabled,
         *         false if not.
        bool Enabled();

         * Obtain a list of printers (print destinations) supported by the
         * PostScript module, Each entry will be in the form <type>/<name>,
         * where <type> is a printer type string, and <name> is the actual
         * printer name.
         * @param aList Upon return, this is populated with the list of
         *              printer names as described above, replacing any
         *              previous contents. Each entry is a UTF8 string.
         *              There should always be at least one entry. The
         *              first entry is the default print destination.
        void GetPrinterList(nsTArray<nsCString>& aList);

        enum PrinterType {
            kTypeUnknown,         // Not actually handled by the PS module
            kTypePS,              // Generic postscript module printer
            kTypeCUPS             // CUPS printer

         * Identify a printer's type from its name.
         * @param aName The printer's full name as a UTF8 string, including
         *              the <type> portion as described for GetPrinterList().
         * @return The PrinterType value for this name.
        static PrinterType GetPrinterType(const nsACString& aName);

#endif /* nsPSPrinters_h___ */