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bug 1218576 - Support remote accumulation via JS histograms. r=gfritzsche The JS histograms, too, need to dispatch their accumulations from child to parent. JSHistograms_Add now only supports histograms that are in gHistogramsMap or that were created in the parent process. After bug 1288745, maybe we'll be able to change this to be less convoluted. MozReview-Commit-ID: 3qTH89YKbGP

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface mozIDOMWindowProxy;

[scriptable, uuid(13388a28-1b0b-4218-a31b-588f7a4ec26c)]
interface nsIDatePickerShownCallback : nsISupports
  * Callback called when the user selects cancel in the date picker
  * This callback can not be called after done() is called.
 void cancel();

  * Callback called when the user has finished selecting the date
  * @param  date  The new selected date value following the format "YYYY-MM-DD"
  void done(in AString date);

[scriptable, uuid(7becfc64-966b-4d53-87d2-9161f36bd3b3)]
interface nsIDatePicker : nsISupports
  * Initialize the date picker widget. The date picker will not be shown until
  * open() is called.
  * If the initialDate parameter does not follow the format "YYYY-MM-DD" then
  * the behavior will be unspecified.
  * @param      parent       nsIDOMWindow parent. This dialog will be dependent
  *                          on this parent. parent may be null.
  * @param      title        The title for the date picker widget.
  * @param      initialDate  The date to show when the widget is opened. The
  *                          parameter has to follow the format "YYYY-MM-DD"
  void init(in mozIDOMWindowProxy parent, in AString title, in AString initialDate);

  * Opens the date dialog asynchrounously.
  * The results are provided via the callback object.
  void open(in nsIDatePickerShownCallback callback);