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bug 1218576 - Support remote accumulation via JS histograms. r=gfritzsche The JS histograms, too, need to dispatch their accumulations from child to parent. JSHistograms_Add now only supports histograms that are in gHistogramsMap or that were created in the parent process. After bug 1288745, maybe we'll be able to change this to be less convoluted. MozReview-Commit-ID: 3qTH89YKbGP

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

Editor Observer interface to outside world

[scriptable, uuid(f3ee57a6-890c-4ce0-a584-8a84bba0292e)]

 * A generic editor observer interface.
 * <P>
 * nsIEditorObserver is the interface used by applications wishing to be notified
 * when the editor has completed a user action.
interface nsIEditorObserver : nsISupports {
   * Called after the editor completes a user action.
  void EditAction();
   * Called when editor starts to handle a user action.  I.e., This must be
   * called before the first DOM change.
  void BeforeEditAction();
   * Called after BeforeEditAction() is called but EditorAction() won't be
   * called.
  void CancelEditAction();