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#include "jni.h"
#include "nsJavaXPTCStubWeakRef.h"
#include "nsJavaXPTCStub.h"
#include "nsJavaXPCOMBindingUtils.h"
#include "nsIInterfaceInfoManager.h"

 * How we handle XPCOM weak references to a Java object:
 * If XPCOM requires or asks for a weak reference of a Java object, we first
 * find (or create) an nsJavaXPTCStub for that Java object.  That way, there is
 * always an nsJavaXPTCStub for any nsJavaXPTCStubWeakRef.  However, the
 * XPTCStub may not always be 'valid'; that is, its refcount may be zero if
 * is not currently referenced by any XPCOM class.
 * When an XPCOM method queries the referent from the weak reference, the 
 * weak ref checks first whether the Java object is still valid.  If so, we can
 * immediately return an addref'd nsJavaXPTCStub.  The XPTCStub takes care of
 * finding an XPTCStub for the required IID.

nsJavaXPTCStubWeakRef::nsJavaXPTCStubWeakRef(jobject aJavaObject,
                                             nsJavaXPTCStub* aXPTCStub)
  : mXPTCStub(aXPTCStub)
  JNIEnv* env = GetJNIEnv();
  jobject weakref = env->NewObject(weakReferenceClass,
                                   weakReferenceConstructorMID, aJavaObject);
  mWeakRef = env->NewGlobalRef(weakref);

  JNIEnv* env = GetJNIEnv();
  env->CallVoidMethod(mWeakRef, clearReferentMID);


NS_IMPL_QUERY_INTERFACE1(nsJavaXPTCStubWeakRef, nsIWeakReference)

nsJavaXPTCStubWeakRef::QueryReferent(const nsIID& aIID, void** aInstancePtr)

  // Is weak ref still valid?
  // We create a strong local ref to make sure Java object isn't garbage
  // collected during this call.
  JNIEnv* env = GetJNIEnv();
  jobject javaObject = env->CallObjectMethod(mWeakRef, getReferentMID);
  if (env->IsSameObject(javaObject, NULL))

  // Java object has not been garbage collected, so return QI from XPTCStub.
  return mXPTCStub->QueryInterface(aIID, aInstancePtr);