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Bug 1251529: In object metadata world, rename "object metadata" to "allocation metadata" and "callback" to "builder". r=fitzgen Exceptions: - AutoSetNewObjectMetadata and its related type are still exclusively about objects. - JSCompartment::objectMetadataTable is still only about objects. - the ObjectMetadataMap type still only has objects as keys. Non-exceptions: The builder type, and the JSCompartment member: ObjectMetadataCallback -> AllocationMetadataBuilder objectMetadataCallback -> allocationMetadataBuilder jsfriendapi.h interface: SetObjectMetadataCallback -> SetAllocationMetadataBuilder GetObjectMetadata -> GetAllocationMetadata JSCompartment methods: hasObjectMetadataCallback -> hasAllocationMetadataBuilder getObjectMetadataCallback -> getAllocationMetadataBuilder setObjectMetadataCallback -> setAllocationMetadataBuilder forgetObjectMetadataCallback -> forgetAllocationMetadataBuilder addressOfMetadataCallback -> addressOfMetadataBuilder Shell and testing functions: SavedStacksMetadataCallback -> SavedStacksMetadataBuilder ShellObjectMetadataCallback -> ShellAllocationMetadataBuilder EnableShellObjectMetadataCallback -> EnableShellAllocationMetadataBuilder enableShellObjectMetadataCallback -> enableShellAllocationMetadataBuilder GetObjectMetadata -> GetAllocationMetadata getObjectMetadata -> getAllocationMetadata Delayed metadata collection: shouldDelayMetadataCallback -> shouldDelayMetadataBuilder JSCLASS_DELAY_METADATA_CALLBACK -> JSCLASS_DELAY_METADATA_BUILDER suppressObjectMetadataCallback -> suppressAllocationMetadataBuilder

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#ifndef vm_Runtime_inl_h
#define vm_Runtime_inl_h

#include "vm/Runtime.h"

#include "jscompartment.h"

#include "gc/Allocator.h"
#include "gc/GCTrace.h"
#include "vm/Probes.h"

#include "jsobjinlines.h"

namespace js {

inline bool
NewObjectCache::lookupProto(const Class* clasp, JSObject* proto, gc::AllocKind kind, EntryIndex* pentry)
    return lookup(clasp, proto, kind, pentry);

inline bool
NewObjectCache::lookupGlobal(const Class* clasp, GlobalObject* global, gc::AllocKind kind, EntryIndex* pentry)
    return lookup(clasp, global, kind, pentry);

inline void
NewObjectCache::fillGlobal(EntryIndex entry, const Class* clasp, GlobalObject* global,
                           gc::AllocKind kind, NativeObject* obj)
    //MOZ_ASSERT(global == obj->getGlobal());
    return fill(entry, clasp, global, kind, obj);

inline NativeObject*
NewObjectCache::newObjectFromHit(JSContext* cx, EntryIndex entryIndex, gc::InitialHeap heap)
    MOZ_ASSERT(unsigned(entryIndex) < mozilla::ArrayLength(entries));
    Entry* entry = &entries[entryIndex];

    NativeObject* templateObj = reinterpret_cast<NativeObject*>(&entry->templateObject);

    // Do an end run around JSObject::group() to avoid doing AutoUnprotectCell
    // on the templateObj, which is not a GC thing and can't use runtimeFromAnyThread.
    ObjectGroup* group = templateObj->group_;


    if (group->shouldPreTenure())
        heap = gc::TenuredHeap;

    if (cx->runtime()->gc.upcomingZealousGC())
        return nullptr;

    NativeObject* obj = static_cast<NativeObject*>(Allocate<JSObject, NoGC>(cx, entry->kind, 0,
                                                                            heap, group->clasp()));
    if (!obj)
        return nullptr;

    copyCachedToObject(obj, templateObj, entry->kind);

    if (group->clasp()->shouldDelayMetadataBuilder())
        cx->compartment()->setObjectPendingMetadata(cx, obj);
        obj = static_cast<NativeObject*>(SetNewObjectMetadata(cx, obj));

    probes::CreateObject(cx, obj);
    return obj;

}  /* namespace js */

#endif /* vm_Runtime_inl_h */