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Bug 579517 - Part 1: Automated conversion of NSPR numeric types to stdint types in Gecko; r=bsmedberg This patch was generated by a script. Here's the source of the script for future reference: function convert() { echo "Converting $1 to $2..." find . ! -wholename "*nsprpub*" \ ! -wholename "*security/nss*" \ ! -wholename "*/.hg*" \ ! -wholename "obj-ff-dbg*" \ ! -name nsXPCOMCID.h \ ! -name prtypes.h \ -type f \ \( -iname "*.cpp" \ -o -iname "*.h" \ -o -iname "*.c" \ -o -iname "*.cc" \ -o -iname "*.idl" \ -o -iname "*.ipdl" \ -o -iname "*.ipdlh" \ -o -iname "*.mm" \) | \ xargs -n 1 sed -i -e "s/\b$1\b/$2/g" } convert PRInt8 int8_t convert PRUint8 uint8_t convert PRInt16 int16_t convert PRUint16 uint16_t convert PRInt32 int32_t convert PRUint32 uint32_t convert PRInt64 int64_t convert PRUint64 uint64_t convert PRIntn int convert PRUintn unsigned convert PRSize size_t convert PROffset32 int32_t convert PROffset64 int64_t convert PRPtrdiff ptrdiff_t convert PRFloat64 double

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "gfxPath.h"  // for gfxFlattenedPath
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsSMILAnimationFunction.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "SVGMotionSMILType.h"  // for RotateType

class nsAttrValue;
class nsIAtom;
class nsIContent;
class nsISMILAttr;
class nsSMILValue;
class nsSVGMpathElement;

namespace mozilla {

// SVGMotionSMILAnimationFunction
// Subclass of nsSMILAnimationFunction to support a few extra features offered
// by the <animateMotion> element.
class SVGMotionSMILAnimationFunction : public nsSMILAnimationFunction
  virtual bool SetAttr(nsIAtom* aAttribute,
                       const nsAString& aValue,
                       nsAttrValue& aResult,
                       nsresult* aParseResult = nullptr) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual bool UnsetAttr(nsIAtom* aAttribute) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  // Method to allow our owner-element to signal us when our <mpath>
  // has changed or been added/removed.  When that happens, we need to
  // mark ourselves as changed so we'll get recomposed, and mark our path data
  // as stale so it'll get regenerated (regardless of mPathSourceType, since
  // <mpath> trumps all the other sources of path data)
  void MpathChanged() { mIsPathStale = mHasChanged = true; }

  enum PathSourceType {
    // NOTE: Ordering matters here. Higher-priority path-descriptors should
    // have higher enumerated values
    ePathSourceType_None,      // uninitialized or not applicable
    ePathSourceType_ByAttr,    // by or from-by animation
    ePathSourceType_ToAttr,    // to or from-to animation

  virtual nsSMILCalcMode GetCalcMode() const MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual nsresult GetValues(const nsISMILAttr& aSMILAttr,
                             nsSMILValueArray& aResult) MOZ_OVERRIDE;
  virtual void CheckValueListDependentAttrs(uint32_t aNumValues) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  virtual bool IsToAnimation() const MOZ_OVERRIDE;

  void     CheckKeyPoints();
  nsresult SetKeyPoints(const nsAString& aKeyPoints, nsAttrValue& aResult);
  void     UnsetKeyPoints();
  nsresult SetRotate(const nsAString& aRotate, nsAttrValue& aResult);
  void     UnsetRotate();

  // Helpers for GetValues
  void     MarkStaleIfAttributeAffectsPath(nsIAtom* aAttribute);
  void     RebuildPathAndVertices(const nsIContent* aContextElem);
  void     RebuildPathAndVerticesFromMpathElem(nsSVGMpathElement* aMpathElem);
  void     RebuildPathAndVerticesFromPathAttr();
  void     RebuildPathAndVerticesFromBasicAttrs(const nsIContent* aContextElem);
  bool     GenerateValuesForPathAndPoints(gfxFlattenedPath* aPath,
                                          bool aIsKeyPoints,
                                          nsTArray<double>& aPointDistances,
                                          nsTArray<nsSMILValue>& aResult);

  // Members
  // -------
  nsTArray<double>           mKeyPoints; // parsed from "keyPoints" attribute.

  RotateType                 mRotateType;  // auto, auto-reverse, or explicit.
  float                      mRotateAngle; // the angle value, if explicit.

  PathSourceType             mPathSourceType; // source of our gfxFlattenedPath.
  nsRefPtr<gfxFlattenedPath> mPath;           // representation of motion path.
  nsTArray<double>           mPathVertices; // distances of vertices along path.

  bool                       mIsPathStale;

} // namespace mozilla