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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "domstubs.idl"

class nsIPrivateTextRangeList;
struct nsTextEventReply;
struct nsReconversionEventReply;
struct nsQueryCaretRectEventReply;

[ptr] native nsIPrivateTextRangeListPtr(nsIPrivateTextRangeList);
[ptr] native nsTextEventReplyPtr(nsTextEventReply);
[ptr] native nsReconversionEventReplyPtr(nsReconversionEventReply);
[ptr] native nsQueryCaretRectEventReplyPtr(nsQueryCaretRectEventReply);

[scriptable, uuid(228a76d3-5462-4322-a63c-5f94f7f5d4ed)]

interface nsIEditorIMESupport : nsISupports

   * beginComposition(nsTextEventReply* aReply) Handles the start of inline input composition.

  [noscript] void beginComposition(in nsTextEventReplyPtr aReply);

   * setCompositionString() Sets the inline input composition string.
   * beginComposition must be called prior to this.

  [noscript] void setCompositionString(in DOMString aCompositionString, in nsIPrivateTextRangeListPtr aTextRange, in nsTextEventReplyPtr aReply);

   * endComposition() Handles the end of inline input composition.

  void  endComposition();

   * queryComposition()  Get the composition position

  [noscript] void queryComposition(in nsTextEventReplyPtr aReply);

   * forceCompositionEnd() force the composition end

  void forceCompositionEnd();

   * getReconversionString()  Get the reconvertion string

  [noscript] void getReconversionString(in nsReconversionEventReplyPtr aReply);

   * Notify for IME when the editor got focus.

  void notifyIMEOnFocus();

   * Notify for IME when the editor lost focus.

  void notifyIMEOnBlur();

   * getQueryCaretRect()  Get the query caret rect

  [noscript] void getQueryCaretRect(in nsQueryCaretRectEventReplyPtr aReply);

   * Get preferred IME status of current widget.

  [noscript] void getPreferredIMEState(out unsigned long aState);