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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 * You can obtain one at */


#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>

#include "nspr.h"
#include "prlock.h"

#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "nsComponentManagerUtils.h"

#include "FakeMediaStreams.h"
#include "DOMMediaStream.h"
#include "MediaSegment.h"

#include "AudioSegment.h"

#include "Layers.h"
#include "VideoUtils.h"
#include "ImageLayers.h"
#include "VideoSegment.h"

class nsIPrincipal;

namespace mozilla {
class DataChannel;
class PeerIdentity;
namespace dom {
struct RTCInboundRTPStreamStats;
struct RTCOutboundRTPStreamStats;

#include "nricectx.h"
#include "nriceresolver.h"
#include "nricemediastream.h"
#include "MediaPipeline.h"

namespace sipcc {

class PeerConnectionImpl;
class PeerConnectionMedia;

/* Temporary for providing audio data */
class Fake_AudioGenerator {
  typedef mozilla::DOMMediaStream DOMMediaStream;

  explicit Fake_AudioGenerator(DOMMediaStream* aStream) : mStream(aStream), mCount(0) {
    mTimer = do_CreateInstance(";1");

    // Make a track
    mozilla::AudioSegment *segment = new mozilla::AudioSegment();
    mStream->GetStream()->AsSourceStream()->AddAudioTrack(1, 16000, 0, segment);

    // Set the timer
    mTimer->InitWithFuncCallback(Callback, this, 100, nsITimer::TYPE_REPEATING_PRECISE);

  static void Callback(nsITimer* timer, void *arg) {
    Fake_AudioGenerator* gen = static_cast<Fake_AudioGenerator*>(arg);

    nsRefPtr<mozilla::SharedBuffer> samples = mozilla::SharedBuffer::Create(1600 * sizeof(int16_t));
    int16_t* data = static_cast<int16_t*>(samples->Data());
    for (int i=0; i<1600; i++) {
      data[i] = ((gen->mCount % 8) * 4000) - (7*4000)/2;

    mozilla::AudioSegment segment;
    nsAutoTArray<const int16_t*,1> channelData;
    segment.AppendFrames(samples.forget(), channelData, 1600);
    gen->mStream->GetStream()->AsSourceStream()->AppendToTrack(1, &segment);

  nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mTimer;
  nsRefPtr<DOMMediaStream> mStream;
  int mCount;

/* Temporary for providing video data */
class Fake_VideoGenerator {
  typedef mozilla::DOMMediaStream DOMMediaStream;
  typedef mozilla::gfx::IntSize IntSize;

  explicit Fake_VideoGenerator(DOMMediaStream* aStream) {
    mStream = aStream;
    mCount = 0;
    mTimer = do_CreateInstance(";1");

    // Make a track
    mozilla::VideoSegment *segment = new mozilla::VideoSegment();
    mStream->GetStream()->AsSourceStream()->AddTrack(1, 0, segment);

    // Set the timer. Set to 10 fps.
    mTimer->InitWithFuncCallback(Callback, this, 100, nsITimer::TYPE_REPEATING_SLACK);

  static void Callback(nsITimer* timer, void *arg) {
    Fake_VideoGenerator* gen = static_cast<Fake_VideoGenerator*>(arg);

    const uint32_t WIDTH = 640;
    const uint32_t HEIGHT = 480;

    // Allocate a single blank Image
    nsRefPtr<mozilla::layers::ImageContainer> container =

    nsRefPtr<mozilla::layers::Image> image =

    int len = ((WIDTH * HEIGHT) * 3 / 2);
    mozilla::layers::PlanarYCbCrImage* planar =
    uint8_t* frame = (uint8_t*) PR_Malloc(len);
    memset(frame, (gen->mCount / 8) & 0xff, len); // Rotating colors

    const uint8_t lumaBpp = 8;
    const uint8_t chromaBpp = 4;

    mozilla::layers::PlanarYCbCrData data;
    data.mYChannel = frame;
    data.mYSize = IntSize(WIDTH, HEIGHT);
    data.mYStride = (int32_t) (WIDTH * lumaBpp / 8.0);
    data.mCbCrStride = (int32_t) (WIDTH * chromaBpp / 8.0);
    data.mCbChannel = frame + HEIGHT * data.mYStride;
    data.mCrChannel = data.mCbChannel + HEIGHT * data.mCbCrStride / 2;
    data.mCbCrSize = IntSize(WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT / 2);
    data.mPicX = 0;
    data.mPicY = 0;
    data.mPicSize = IntSize(WIDTH, HEIGHT);
    data.mStereoMode = mozilla::StereoMode::MONO;

    // SetData copies data, so we can free the frame

    // AddTrack takes ownership of segment
    mozilla::VideoSegment *segment = new mozilla::VideoSegment();
    // 10 fps.
                         gen->mStream->GetStream()->GraphRate() / 10,
                         IntSize(WIDTH, HEIGHT));

    gen->mStream->GetStream()->AsSourceStream()->AppendToTrack(1, segment);

  nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mTimer;
  nsRefPtr<DOMMediaStream> mStream;
  int mCount;

class SourceStreamInfo {
  typedef mozilla::DOMMediaStream DOMMediaStream;

  SourceStreamInfo(DOMMediaStream* aMediaStream,
                   PeerConnectionMedia *aParent)
      : mMediaStream(aMediaStream),
        mParent(aParent) {

  SourceStreamInfo(already_AddRefed<DOMMediaStream>& aMediaStream,
                   PeerConnectionMedia *aParent)
      : mMediaStream(aMediaStream),
        mParent(aParent) {

  DOMMediaStream* GetMediaStream() const {
    return mMediaStream;

  // This method exists for stats and the unittests.
  // It allows visibility into the pipelines and flows.
  const std::map<mozilla::TrackID, mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaPipeline>>&
  GetPipelines() const { return mPipelines; }
  mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaPipeline> GetPipelineByLevel_m(int level);

  std::map<mozilla::TrackID, mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaPipeline>> mPipelines;
  nsRefPtr<DOMMediaStream> mMediaStream;
  PeerConnectionMedia *mParent;

// TODO( Refactor {Local,Remote}SourceStreamInfo
// bug 837539.
class LocalSourceStreamInfo : public SourceStreamInfo {
  ~LocalSourceStreamInfo() {
    mMediaStream = nullptr;
  typedef mozilla::DOMMediaStream DOMMediaStream;

  LocalSourceStreamInfo(DOMMediaStream *aMediaStream,
                        PeerConnectionMedia *aParent)
      : SourceStreamInfo(aMediaStream, aParent) {}

  // Returns the mPipelines index for the track or -1.
#if 0
  int HasTrack(DOMMediaStream* aStream, mozilla::TrackID aTrack);
  int HasTrackType(DOMMediaStream* aStream, bool aIsVideo);
  // XXX NOTE: does not change mMediaStream, even if it replaces the last track
  // in a LocalSourceStreamInfo.  Revise when we have support for multiple tracks
  // of a type.
  // Note aIndex != aOldTrack!  It's the result of HasTrackType()
  nsresult ReplaceTrack(int aIndex, DOMMediaStream* aNewStream, mozilla::TrackID aNewTrack);

  void StorePipeline(int aTrack,
                     mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaPipelineTransmit> aPipeline);

  void UpdateSinkIdentity_m(nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal, const PeerIdentity* aSinkIdentity);

  void ExpectAudio(const mozilla::TrackID);
  void ExpectVideo(const mozilla::TrackID);
  void RemoveAudio(const mozilla::TrackID);
  void RemoveVideo(const mozilla::TrackID);
  unsigned AudioTrackCount();
  unsigned VideoTrackCount();
  void DetachTransport_s();
  void DetachMedia_m();

  bool AnyCodecHasPluginID(uint64_t aPluginID);

  nsTArray<mozilla::TrackID> mAudioTracks;
  nsTArray<mozilla::TrackID> mVideoTracks;

class RemoteSourceStreamInfo : public SourceStreamInfo {
  ~RemoteSourceStreamInfo() {}
  typedef mozilla::DOMMediaStream DOMMediaStream;

  RemoteSourceStreamInfo(already_AddRefed<DOMMediaStream> aMediaStream,
                         PeerConnectionMedia *aParent)
    : SourceStreamInfo(aMediaStream, aParent),
      mTrackTypeHints(0) {}

  void StorePipeline(int aTrack, bool aIsVideo,
                     mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaPipelineReceive> aPipeline);

  bool SetUsingBundle_m(int aLevel, bool decision);

  void DetachTransport_s();
  void DetachMedia_m();

  void UpdatePrincipal_m(nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal);

  bool AnyCodecHasPluginID(uint64_t aPluginID);


  DOMMediaStream::TrackTypeHints mTrackTypeHints;
  std::map<int, bool> mTypes;

class PeerConnectionMedia : public sigslot::has_slots<> {
  ~PeerConnectionMedia() {}

  explicit PeerConnectionMedia(PeerConnectionImpl *parent);

  nsresult Init(const std::vector<mozilla::NrIceStunServer>& stun_servers,
                const std::vector<mozilla::NrIceTurnServer>& turn_servers);
  // WARNING: This destroys the object!
  void SelfDestruct();

  // Configure the ability to use localhost.
  void SetAllowIceLoopback(bool val) { mAllowIceLoopback = val; }

  mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::NrIceCtx> ice_ctx() const { return mIceCtx; }

  mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::NrIceMediaStream> ice_media_stream(size_t i) const {
    // TODO( If someone asks for a value that doesn't exist,
    // make one.
    if (i >= mIceStreams.size()) {
      return nullptr;
    return mIceStreams[i];

  size_t num_ice_media_streams() const {
    return mIceStreams.size();

  // Add a stream (main thread only)
  nsresult AddStream(DOMMediaStream* aMediaStream, uint32_t hints,
                     uint32_t *stream_id);

  // Remove a stream (main thread only)
  nsresult RemoveStream(DOMMediaStream* aMediaStream,
                        uint32_t hints,
                        uint32_t *stream_id);

  // Get a specific local stream
  uint32_t LocalStreamsLength()
    return mLocalSourceStreams.Length();
  LocalSourceStreamInfo* GetLocalStream(int index);

  // Get a specific remote stream
  uint32_t RemoteStreamsLength()
    return mRemoteSourceStreams.Length();
  RemoteSourceStreamInfo* GetRemoteStream(int index);

  bool SetUsingBundle_m(int level, bool decision);
  bool UpdateFilterFromRemoteDescription_m(
      int level,
      nsAutoPtr<mozilla::MediaPipelineFilter> filter);

  // Add a remote stream. Returns the index in index
  nsresult AddRemoteStream(nsRefPtr<RemoteSourceStreamInfo> aInfo, int *aIndex);
  nsresult AddRemoteStreamHint(int aIndex, bool aIsVideo);

  // In cases where the peer isn't yet identified, we disable the pipeline (not
  // the stream, that would potentially affect others), so that it sends
  // black/silence.  Once the peer is identified, re-enable those streams.
  void UpdateSinkIdentity_m(nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal, const PeerIdentity* aSinkIdentity);
  // this determines if any stream is peerIdentity constrained
  bool AnyLocalStreamHasPeerIdentity() const;
  // When we finally learn who is on the other end, we need to change the ownership
  // on streams
  void UpdateRemoteStreamPrincipals_m(nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal);

  bool AnyCodecHasPluginID(uint64_t aPluginID);

  const nsCOMPtr<nsIThread>& GetMainThread() const { return mMainThread; }
  const nsCOMPtr<nsIEventTarget>& GetSTSThread() const { return mSTSThread; }

  // Get a transport flow either RTP/RTCP for a particular stream
  // A stream can be of audio/video/datachannel/budled(?) types
  mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::TransportFlow> GetTransportFlow(int aStreamIndex,
                                                           bool aIsRtcp) {
    int index_inner = aStreamIndex * 2 + (aIsRtcp ? 1 : 0);

    if (mTransportFlows.find(index_inner) == mTransportFlows.end())
      return nullptr;

    return mTransportFlows[index_inner];

  // Add a transport flow
  void AddTransportFlow(int aIndex, bool aRtcp,
                        const mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::TransportFlow> &aFlow);
  void ConnectDtlsListener_s(const mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::TransportFlow>& aFlow);
  void DtlsConnected_s(mozilla::TransportLayer* aFlow,
                       mozilla::TransportLayer::State state);
  static void DtlsConnected_m(const std::string& aParentHandle,
                              bool aPrivacyRequested);

  mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaSessionConduit> GetConduit(int aStreamIndex, bool aReceive) {
    int index_inner = aStreamIndex * 2 + (aReceive ? 0 : 1);

    if (mConduits.find(index_inner) == mConduits.end())
      return nullptr;

    return mConduits[index_inner];

  // Add a conduit
  void AddConduit(int aIndex, bool aReceive,
                  const mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaSessionConduit> &aConduit) {
    int index_inner = aIndex * 2 + (aReceive ? 0 : 1);

    mConduits[index_inner] = aConduit;

  // ICE state signals
  sigslot::signal2<mozilla::NrIceCtx*, mozilla::NrIceCtx::GatheringState>
  sigslot::signal2<mozilla::NrIceCtx*, mozilla::NrIceCtx::ConnectionState>
  sigslot::signal2<const std::string&, uint16_t> SignalCandidate;

  // Shutdown media transport. Must be called on STS thread.
  void ShutdownMediaTransport_s();

  // Final destruction of the media stream. Must be called on the main
  // thread.
  void SelfDestruct_m();

  // ICE events
  void IceGatheringStateChange_s(mozilla::NrIceCtx* ctx,
                               mozilla::NrIceCtx::GatheringState state);
  void IceConnectionStateChange_s(mozilla::NrIceCtx* ctx,
                                mozilla::NrIceCtx::ConnectionState state);
  void IceStreamReady(mozilla::NrIceMediaStream *aStream);
  void OnCandidateFound_s(mozilla::NrIceMediaStream *aStream,
                        const std::string &candidate);

  void IceGatheringStateChange_m(mozilla::NrIceCtx* ctx,
                                 mozilla::NrIceCtx::GatheringState state);
  void IceConnectionStateChange_m(mozilla::NrIceCtx* ctx,
                                  mozilla::NrIceCtx::ConnectionState state);
  void OnCandidateFound_m(const std::string &candidate, uint16_t level);

  // The parent PC
  PeerConnectionImpl *mParent;
  // and a loose handle on it for event driven stuff
  std::string mParentHandle;

  // A list of streams returned from GetUserMedia
  // This is only accessed on the main thread (with one special exception)
  nsTArray<nsRefPtr<LocalSourceStreamInfo> > mLocalSourceStreams;

  // A list of streams provided by the other side
  // This is only accessed on the main thread (with one special exception)
  nsTArray<nsRefPtr<RemoteSourceStreamInfo> > mRemoteSourceStreams;

  // Allow loopback for ICE.
  bool mAllowIceLoopback;

  // ICE objects
  mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::NrIceCtx> mIceCtx;
  std::vector<mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::NrIceMediaStream> > mIceStreams;

  // DNS
  nsRefPtr<mozilla::NrIceResolver> mDNSResolver;

  // Transport flows: even is RTP, odd is RTCP
  std::map<int, mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::TransportFlow> > mTransportFlows;

  // Conduits: even is receive, odd is transmit (for easier correlation with
  // flows)
  std::map<int, mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::MediaSessionConduit> > mConduits;

  // The main thread.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIThread> mMainThread;

  // The STS thread.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIEventTarget> mSTSThread;


}  // namespace sipcc