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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


extern "C"
#include "ccapi_types.h"

#include "mozIGeckoMediaPluginService.h"

class nsIThread;
class nsIEventTarget;
class nsIPrefBranch;

namespace mozilla {
    class NrIceMediaStream;

namespace CSF
    class AudioTermination;
    class VideoTermination;
    class AudioControl;
    class VideoControl;
    class MediaProvider;
    class MediaProviderObserver;

    class StreamObserver
    	  virtual void registerStream(cc_call_handle_t call, int streamId, bool isVideo) = 0;
    	  virtual void deregisterStream(cc_call_handle_t call, int streamId) = 0;
    	  virtual void dtmfBurst(int digit, int direction, int duration) = 0;
    	  virtual void sendIFrame(cc_call_handle_t call) = 0;

    class VcmSIPCCBinding
        VcmSIPCCBinding ();
        virtual ~VcmSIPCCBinding();

        // The getter is only for use by the vcm_* impl functions.
        void setStreamObserver(StreamObserver*);
        static StreamObserver* getStreamObserver();

        static AudioTermination * getAudioTermination();
        static VideoTermination * getVideoTermination();

        static AudioControl * getAudioControl();
        static VideoControl * getVideoControl();

        void setMediaProviderObserver(MediaProviderObserver* obs);
        static MediaProviderObserver * getMediaProviderObserver();

        static void setAudioCodecs(int codecMask);
        static void setVideoCodecs(int codecMask);

        static int getAudioCodecs();
        static int getVideoCodecs();
        static int getVideoCodecsGmp();
        static int getVideoCodecsHw();

        static void setMainThread(nsIThread *thread);
        static nsIThread *getMainThread();

        static nsCOMPtr<nsIPrefBranch> getPrefBranch();

        static int gVideoCodecGmpMask;
        nsCOMPtr<mozIGeckoMediaPluginService> mGMPService;
        static VcmSIPCCBinding * gSelf;
        StreamObserver* streamObserver;
        MediaProviderObserver *mediaProviderObserver;
        static bool gInitGmpCodecs;
        static int gAudioCodecMask;
        static int gVideoCodecMask;
        static nsIThread *gMainThread;
        static nsIEventTarget *gSTSThread;
        static nsCOMPtr<nsIPrefBranch> gBranch;