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Bug 1060138: Fix SDK context-menu API to work in e10s. r=zombie

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#ifndef mozilla_ProcessPriorityManager_h_
#define mozilla_ProcessPriorityManager_h_

#include "mozilla/HalTypes.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
class ContentParent;

 * This class sets the priority of subprocesses in response to explicit
 * requests and events in the system.
 * A process's priority changes e.g. when it goes into the background via
 * mozbrowser's setVisible(false).  Process priority affects CPU scheduling and
 * also which processes get killed when we run out of memory.
 * After you call Initialize(), the only thing you probably have to do is call
 * SetProcessPriority on processes immediately after creating them in order to
 * set their initial priority.  The ProcessPriorityManager takes care of the
 * rest.
class ProcessPriorityManager MOZ_FINAL
   * Initialize the ProcessPriorityManager machinery, causing the
   * ProcessPriorityManager to actively manage the priorities of all
   * subprocesses.  You should call this before creating any subprocesses.
   * You should also call this function even if you're in a child process,
   * since it will initialize ProcessPriorityManagerChild.
  static void Init();

   * Set the process priority of a given ContentParent's process.
   * Note that because this method takes a ContentParent*, you can only set the
   * priority of your subprocesses.  In fact, because we don't support nested
   * content processes (bug 761935), you can only call this method from the
   * main process.
   * It probably only makes sense to call this function immediately after a
   * process is created.  At this point, the process priority manager doesn't
   * have enough context about the processs to know what its priority should
   * be.
   * Eventually whatever priority you set here can and probably will be
   * overwritten by the process priority manager.
  static void SetProcessPriority(dom::ContentParent* aContentParent,
                                 hal::ProcessPriority aPriority);

   * Returns true iff this process's priority is FOREGROUND*.
   * Note that because process priorities are set in the main process, it's
   * possible for this method to return a stale value.  So be careful about
   * what you use this for.
  static bool CurrentProcessIsForeground();

   * Returns true if one or more processes with FOREGROUND_HIGH priority are
   * present, false otherwise.
  static bool AnyProcessHasHighPriority();

   * Used to remove a ContentParent from background LRU pool when
   * it is destroyed or its priority changed from BACKGROUND to others.
  static void RemoveFromBackgroundLRUPool(dom::ContentParent* aContentParent);

   * Used to add a ContentParent into background LRU pool when
   * its priority changed to BACKGROUND from others.
  static void AddIntoBackgroundLRUPool(dom::ContentParent* aContentParent);


} // namespace mozilla