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Bug 1168705 part 3 - Make MozDOMFullscreen:{Request,Exit,Entered,Exited} be triggered synchronously. r=dao,smaug MozDOMFullscreen:{Request,Exit} are simply used to redirect the request to the parent process, hence there is no need to align them with refresh driver tick or dispatch asynchronously. MozDOMFullscreen:{Entered,Exited} are also used to notify the content process about the change, hence dispatching them later could cause unwanted delay on fullscreen change. Their handlers are also changed in this patch to avoid recursive fullscreen change.

# This Makefile is used as a shim to aid people with muscle memory
# so that they can type "make".
# This file and all of its targets should not be used by anything important.

all: build

	./mach build

	./mach clobber

.PHONY: all build clean